Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 9 of the 30 day BC - the person who's gotten me thru the most

Day 9 - Post a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

Ahhhh friends. where would we be without them. i have been blessed, in my life, to have some really fantastic friends. Old and new friends that I know would always have my back if I needed them. So this one was a good one for me. I think the person who has gotten me thru the most stuff that's happened to me has been my friend Bob Lacy! Or as my mom would say  "Oh that Bob, I just love him!!"
 My boo, Bob

I still remember the day we met... another blarney chance meeting. It was friend love at first sight. He is the person that brought Kent into my life. He's the one who introduced to to the boy I was in love with for 6 years - the same boy I loved who took me to New York. It was Bob's birthday party back in 2002 where that boy and I met. He also brought another love into my life

Our dog Keesha. She was Bob's baby first, and then I adopted her when his dad became ill. The little princess who was our baby! RIP sweet Kiki.

This is the man that still and will always bare the scar from the night of my attack. When his hand got slammed in the door as my attacker was trying to break back in to get me. If it wasn't for Bob I might not have made it thru that night... I know that in my heart and soul. And then days later, when I was broken and on the floor crying, at my lowest, it was Bob who came over to my house and kicked me in the ass to get me up. It was Bob who went to court with me and held my hand thru it all- Helped me thru a years worth of stalking and when I had to disappear.

And that's just one of the times - he's been there for me thru break ups and heartbreaks. Thru job layoffs and family emergencies, and loss. Just as I have been there for him. And we have been there for each other to celebrate all the good things in our lives as well. 

My friend, my brother, my soulmate, my bestie, my boo...My Bob! I love you!!!

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