Monday, May 7, 2012

Things I've learned in slower lower...

Things I’ve learned living in slower lower...

In Delaware, turn signals are optional.

If the speed limit is 50, the car in front of you will be going 45.

In a 10 mile stretch of road, you will have 8 different speed limit changes…and there will be police everywhere.(I'm looking at you Rt 24)

If you are following the Mountainaire Live chicken truck, you will need to use your wiper blades for flying feathers. You should also be aware of escapees on the hood of your car or…under it.

Based on #4, you should plan on eating something other than chicken for a few days after following that truck!

Yard sales are not limited to the yard. The side of the road or a patch of grass in the middle of an intersection will be set up with sale items aka other peoples junk.

Bars close at 1am. Not at 2 but 1am. Believe me when I say that lost hour of not drinking will NOT help your hangover the next day.

You know how to pronounce Nanticoke, Lewes, & Zwaanendael.

You know that Atlantic Liquors really is the “Greatest Liquor Store in the World”.

Here we “go to the beach” we do not “head down the shore”

Flip-Flops are footwear all year long.

They cancel school when it’s foggy. It’s called a Fog Day. (photo from

Living at the beach doesn't lessen the joy and peace of seeing the ocean. Now I can just see it whenever I want.