Friday, May 25, 2012

Stay-cation Log- Day .5

Today starts day one of my 6 day stay-cation. Friday thru next Wednesday I am off from the torture palace(& i only had to use 2 vacation days - ummm I rock)and I am staying here at my happy little beach house for the whole time. Why go away when I live in paradise...well paradise in my mind, the beach in others minds. Plus the kids dog sitting in PA so i can't go home and visit when I have my two beasts anyway.

I have plans people... BIG plans. So many plans I am not sure there are enough days in my stay-cation to accomplish them all, but I will try.

I have beers and margaritas to drink, walls to paint, plants to ... well... plant. I have beaches to lay on and books to read and work for a friend i have to finish. Tv to watch and a pool to hang out in. Seafood to eat, a BBQ I have to master and a drive thru at the new Panera Bread I must use immediately. 

As far as I am concerned, my vacation stated at 8:01 pm last night, when I left the Torture Palace I call work. We'll call Thursday night stay-cation day .5.

Objective - 

With a 12 pack of Corona light, 3 limes, some kick ass 1800 margarita in a bottle, and pineapple juice to mix with my cake vodka, I have effectively managed to channel Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville up in here. I start with a margarita on ice realizing too late that full size corona bottles do not work for Corona-rita's.

Crisis averted, or at least cleaned up, I proceed to the lounge (aka my living room couch) and settle in for some TBS Big Bang Theory  and some new show. I switch to Corona Lights and make it half way thru Jimmy Fallon ... I remember seeing Will Smith at least... and the next thing I know, I wake up on the couch at 6:20am.

I have the sensation of "crap - gotta get up for the torture palace " and than remember AHHHHHHHHHH I am on stay-cation. So I walk the dogs, manage not to fall, and get in bed to sleep the sleep of the wicked until 10:30 am. So far Life is most excellent.

NOTE TO SELF: After consuming 1 Margarita and 2 Corona Lights before passing out on the couch, I must Google the phrase "Party Like a Rock Star" and see if I qualified.

The Glamorous Life...

I don't really like to drive, so when I do my 50 min commute back to my happy little beach
house every day, I listen to music.And imagine I am playing the bongo's and singing songs in a cover band. Apparently I have become the next Sheila E. 
And it's a glamorous life...