Thursday, January 12, 2012

I've been a bad blogger...

I know ... random much? Ha! I do so love this picture tho. Me sainted gran-da would be tellin' me "Now that's how you drink The Guinness me love" 
So where have i been?   Training non stop at the new job working all kinds of funky hours. Then there was Christmas, and the loss of some wonderful people who all passed away too soon.

Travels home for the holidays and visits from friends and family here. Sometimes when I get home at night my brain is so fried it's all I can do to talk to the dogs. BUT i noticed the change in my moods, the need to express being stymied. I bought journals and never wrote in them. I took pictures I never shared. I spent way too much time on facebook or watching Investigation discovery channel or NCIS and found myself numbing out instead of focusing on what was good and important.

Broke , as usual, I found myself wondering how I could be so poor when I was working 40 hours a week and when I was on unemployment I could make ends meet. It's a sad state of affairs and one that can be changed... but only I have the power to do that. After 2 years of not working a secure steady job I have now found one, but the joy of living at the beach means that the pay is 50% less. 

I haven't been writing when i should because my free time, my muse if you will,has been replaced by reality. But if you're lucky enough to live at the beach, you're lucky enough... and I seemed to forget that for a few weeks.

So I'm back and I have an overflowing brain of things to write. The book is still simmering and is on my goal list. Life is still a beautiful, wild, lovely state of affairs and I've finally kicked my own ass enough to be able to realize that again...every day. 

And so I write.