Friday, October 7, 2011


So here's my current Facebook status - 
"Almost drove to West Chester for the weekend. To visit friends, watch the game at the Stone, eat some wings, hug my kid... BUT- then the grown up kicked in & w/ no money and 2 dogs to uproot, the damn grown up won out. So home I stay but I am making wings tonight. And some of my friends, you may find some sappy notes on your facebook pages. Deal with it! LOL"

I think it's because of a number of reasons that I am missing everyone and West Chester today. I have a few free days - at least until I get my license in the mail. PLUS the Phillies are playing the 5th and deciding game tonight for NLDS. 

I'm used to watching these big games with friends at the Blarney. Such a different mood and experience when you are rooting with friends who love the team like you do.

 That said - I'm not sad or bummed or anything - just yearning for some common ground I guess.

Since I haven't been able to find the perfect Blarney Wings down here at the beach, I decided today- when i knew i couldn't go to West Chester- that I would make my own.

. God knows I made enough of them at the Stone and it's a basic recipe (which is what makes them so friggin good) that I think I will do them proud. And FYI my mouth is watering reading this - i know some of you reading may understand cause you've been there and love them - Jewels, Shelley, My boo BOB. 

Oh and yeah THE PHILLIES HAVE TO WIN TONIGHT!!! I can't imagine an October where they don't play thru... Like Tugger used to say YA GOTTA BELIEVE! 
I know I believe!!  

I went out to watch the game on Wednesday - went to the Greene Turtle in Lewes and had a great time. While I was there I met 2 guys - one who decided (when he was sober fyi) he wanted to hang out with me - walked me to my car, tried to mac on me. Been a while - he was good looking, irish and a little older than me. But I wasn't feeling it. He didn't set off my "stranger danger" alarm which is a plus. I think because I am not feeling too good about myself lately - not looking for  compliments - just being truthful. I was supposed to meet him there tonight for the game but...I think I have to get back my dating mojo. Or maybe I just need to get a job and feel like I am a productive member of Lower Slower Delaware.

Which brings me to the other guy I met. He was married so it was simply chatting and friendly banter about the Phils which was great... PLUS he works for a bank and told me he wanted me to apply there for a job. Thought I would be a great fit - It's full time and the money I want, so we exchanged info and I heard from him today. I applied on line and he's talking to HR about me. Which is EXCELLENT!!! 

And after the last disaster of me going out alone, (see Fresh New Hell to refresh your memory) was quite a fun time. I realized I can go out alone, talk up some fun folks, have a good time, not spend a lot of money and generally feel good about the whole experience. So I may have made 2 connections that will change things for me down here. We shall see. 

Now it's time to relax and regroup before the game. I have wings to make and Miller Lite to drink! I should probably shut my windows since I plan on yelling at the game big time - but what the hell, might as well let the neighbors know I am Philly Proud. 

I'll leave you with this - 

Dear Harry, Tug & Whitey - We're not saying we need some divine intervention, we're just saying it couldn't hurt! We Believe!!! Thanks Guys!
all our love~The Phillies Fans

PS: WOOHOO only 6 days til ma birfday...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Randomly ramblin...

I spent the whole weekend and most of Monday behind the sewing machine doing those Eagles numbers and as always my mind wanders down the garden path.

 Here are some of the things that I found as I wandered and some life updates as well...

~Only 8 more days until my birthday! 48 this year... GAH!
I did not think I would be where I am at this age. I think that is a good thing. I own a house at the beach. I will be working a job I can leave at the job place and not take home with me. I am happy and content and thank God every day when I wake up.

~I will be celebrating my birthday alone for the first time this year. No friends or family to party at the Blarney.

I will miss each and every one of them too. But i refuse to let that get me down - see above...I am a lucky girl!

~Chewy, the new dog, or as I like to call him "Special Ed" is adapting well. He is now a full fledged member of the family for both me and Jack.
He's crazy, but in a good way, and really, how else would a pet I own behave? Plus he's a stone cold love bug who likes to snuggle so it's a win/win.

~Fall has arrived and down here at the beach it's been 60's during the day and 40's at night. It energizes me, this beautiful weather does.
I decorated for Halloween and sometimes just stand in my living room and full out grin from ear to ear at my beautiful house. Well probably more than sometimes...

~That said - it is supposed to be in the high 70's and full out sunny this weekend. One of the benefits (and there are many) of living at the beach is
I can go to the beach on a warm October day when every one else thinks beach season is done.

~I found out today, that I can't officially start working until I get my license in the mail. So now my start date will be next Wednesday instead of today. 
I am looking at it as a kind of spontaneous vacation. A week to do what I want before I start working every night and weekend. So today I am vegging (still trying to catch up after an all night sewing session I pulled), and cleaning. Then the rest of the week will be outside work, painting and reading and writing. Sounds like a damn good week to me.

My Phillies are trying to win the games that will get them to the World Series. October ball, it doesn't get much more exciting if you're a fan. And God knows I am a fan.
It probably goes without saying, that I Believe!Phil's are going all the way this year and I can't wait to see it!

Well thanks for joining me as I ramble along again... remember to count your blessings, hug those you love and appreciate everything life offers you - the good and the bad- because it's what makes us who we are! Wishing you smiles and peace~Stacey