Friday, May 13, 2011

little bit of this and that...

A little bit of this and a little bit of that....
So bloggers been screwed up since Wednesday... which figures since I was ready to blog LOL But it worked out well since I wrote my blogs in Word and only had to cut and paste and add pics. 

Citizens Bank Park

CBP - Isn't it Beautiful?
I am so excited that a formal announcement has been made about the flyers hosting the 2012 winter classic. On January 2nd the CBP will become an ice rink and the world will watch the flyers play the rangers. It’s a huge honor and a real chance for us to get to know all about Philly and the flyers behind the scenes. HBO will be filming documentary style from the moment the first hammer falls on the building of the rink all the way thru the after game celebrations.

Ashton Kutcher has inked a deal to replace Charlie sheen on 2 and ½ men. I don’t watch the show but I think it’s great that everyone else who works on it will not lose their jobs because of one crack addicted megalomaniac. Now we can only hope that Ashton brings rating that go thru the roof as a huge FU to Charlie sheen.

I am all about the flowers this year for some reason, but as I am a certified commitment phobe, I will be planting them in a big ol container I can place in my yard. God forbid I should commit and place them in the actual ground.
maybe not quite this many LOL
 I will make sure to take pictures. Should be sometime after Wednesday since I will have a little bit of money then to make something beautiful. If I had my way it would be a huge English garden with no rhyme or reason just a ton of beautiful bloom. But at least this way I don’t have to deal with bugs and creepy crawlys.

Working some things thru that will make my ability to move to beach come to fruition around September, October if not sooner. Not going to really go into too many details since my blog is open. But I have someone who will be willing to take over my apt lease and my landlord won’t even have to lift a paint brush. And they will move in with four months’ rent taken care of! Fingers crossed all works out.

Is it sad or inspiring that if I could move tomorrow I would? I am not leaving any one or running away, just ready to start the next chapter of my life living in Lewes Delaware. I will miss my family and friends but know in my soul I am making the right decision. Plus – who doesn’t want a friend with a beach house? I have a feeling I will be seeing all my buddies more when I move then I do now lol. I think it may be a logistical nightmare though – trying to figure out how to get a place to live without a job and a job without a place to live… BUT all will work out, of this I am certain. And all of this right around my birthday and the book publication date too. WOW hello new life!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

just a lil' sumpin' sumpin'

Just some odds and ends since I have been such a horrible blogger lately. I promise I will get back in gear - even if it's just posting a little something something... or as the kids say A lil' sumpin sumpin! 
FYI - 'whatcha', if youse ain't from Philly, means "what are you..." or "what did you..."(can also be spelled whaja) lol, 

What's good today? 
hmmm sunshine! warm days (but not too warm) and beautiful cool nights. Good sleeping weather as my Dad would say. Finally time to plant some flowers and almost time for the beach.

What's getting you down today?
Well money, as usual. But I am working on that... literally. And my allergies are tripping! I am allergic to Oak trees (among a few other things like molds,mildew,and certain grasses) and they are thru the roof today on the pollen count.I refuse to believe I have a cold...again!

Whatcha reading today?
I just got Tina Fey's "BossyPants" and it is already cracking me up. Just finished a true crime book called "Mommy's little Girl: Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee's tragic Fate". It was good. The trial is due to start this week and it was an excellent timeline for the case. Also finished Nora Robert's "Chasing Fire". A definite page turner that I didn't want to put down! Good God I love to read! Yes I read more then 1 book at a time. BUT they are different genre's so I can keep them straight in my brain.

Whatcha watching today?
Well it's May which means Sweeps Month - when all the shows put on the best and the biggest cliffhangers and situations. Tonight it'll be NCIS and Glee. I am stressed a little cause someone from the main cast dies on NCIS and I am wondering who. Taping Glee to watch after and liking the Voice too. May watch that or dvr it and watch Body of Proof. Dana Delaney's new show set in Philly.

Whatcha eating today?
Not enough. Imagine that! LOL I had a breakfast sammich this morning for breakfast. Then pasta salad for lunch. Pasta, cucumbers,broccoli, grape tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Good season italian dressing. mmmmm

Whatcha do today?
I am doing some work for my friend Kyle at his business so that's keeping me busy and I love organizing other people. If only I could learn to love organizing myself. I did that this morning and the past few days I have been putting in 8 hours a day there- I love it!
 Other then that today I have been online and obsessively watching my dog Jack cause he's having some belly issues. My poor baby!

How ya feeling today?
Tired! stuffy, sneezy, grumpy and probably another 3 of the 7 dwarfs as well.

Whatcha missing today?
part of my brain since I am foggy and dumb today. Um... bacon. Which i am craving for some odd reason. A few of my friends who I haven't seen in a while. The beach, and some Crabby Dicks happy hour.

More tomorrow! Promise. Hope you all are well and happy and remembering to laugh! A Lot! ~S