Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Note to self: Just Breathe

Working my butt off trying to get everything done and it hits me...You own this place! What you don't get done today, this week, next week, you will have all the time in the world to finish.  Pretty awesome feeling if I do say so myself!

Sleeping on my queen size bed like a baby - even alone in the house. I haven't had the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) bullshit pop up at all which, if you have read me for a while or you know me, is a huge huge thing. 

With my disorder , change can be an issue - especially a change that includes moving 2 hours away from everyone you know and love to live in a house you bought when you aren't even employed.

Part of me wonders why I am not huddled in a ball on the living room floor but then I realize, this is different. i am starting over and I am fantastic!

Finally got m cable hooked up so tonight I sat my butt down and watched a little C-Wench Anthony stuff, NCIS and My Phillies. YES! Worth every bit of pain in the butt stuff I went thru the past 2 days to get it.

Soon - i will have my car down here as well as my furniture. Then I will feel 100% like a beach person. Oh and maybe a trip to the beach would help too... LOL Yep - haven't seen the water yet but never fear, I will be there in the next few days. 

After all, I've got all the time in the world to get stuff done. 

Yep Life is Good!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach House Proud - the transformation....

Happy Tuesday! Hoping your Independence Day was full of fun and fireworks. Mine was filled with family and good food. Oh and I own a house at the beach!!! 

Settlement went off without a hitch and I've been working on the house since Friday. Had some friends down with me over the weekend and with some blood(got my hand hit by the ceiling fan) sweat and tears(mine... i was exhausted lol) we began transforming my house into a beach cottage.

Here are some before and after shots...
before - furniture is still here but going to Kelly in West chester

After... I say it's green - everyone else thinks it's blue - either way it looks AWESOME!
that is a drop cloth on the floor - I am a messy painter!

couldn't wait to paint these cabinets in bleached linen

I handpainted simple white knobs for all the kitchen cabinets. Different colors-either flowers or dots.

Friends may miss you when you leave, but true friends help you move and paint your house!! Kent and Tami - God Bless 'em! Alos the before pic of the lovely wallpaper in my kitchen soon to become...

Renoir bisque..aka TAN or i like to say, Sand. It is at the beach after all!


and after. Kitchen is beached linen and renoir bisque. behr ultra paint with primer. Fantastic stuff!

The "Diva Den Tiki Bar"

soon to be open

I will write more later tonight, for now - I have some more painting to do!