Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day- single and loving it, in love or somewhere in between...Somewhere, somebody loves you more than you know. Celebrate that!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Random thoughts on a windy day...

Maxin and relaxin on a cold and windy Sunday. Getting ready to get a shower WOOHOO - I cheer because my brother fixed my shower for me - big girls should not have to get baths - ya feel me?

Have you seen the commercial for the Dunkin Donuts Chocolate heart donut yet? I'm sorry but if I open up my mailbox and there's a doughnut in there... I am sure as hell NOT taking it out and eating it. LOL Come on!

I am psyched for the Grammy's tonight and curious how they will factor in the death of Whitney Houston. I have faith in LL Cool J and know he will keep it on track and respectful. I would actually like to see him host the Oscars some time. Ladies Love Cool James - did you know that's what LL Cool J stands for?

If I could be built like ANYONE famous ...it would , without a doubt, be Sofia Vergara. not thin, not big just curvy! I think guys find that 100% more sexier than a stick thin woman any day!

 If you are looking for acerbic wit and something that will make you laugh - try Blunt Cards - just hysterical!


Wish, Want, Need, Crave...

For me personally -

I wish...that I made enough money that i could pay all my bills and still have enough left over for food and a bottle of wine.

I want... a peaked roof and gutters on my house

I need...to finish my damn book, This is ME, Damn It...learning to survive and thrive with positivity.

I crave... Blarney Stone wings, mild, extra crispy w/ extra blue cheese please. Oh and a miller lite bottle Starters

I desire... a sz 6 body and perky boobs

If i could...go back to school I would in a heartbeat... and i would study forensic psychology

Since I should...clean my room, I will instead write my blog. (works for me)

Why I would...eat at fast food places is a mystery to me.

My heart... is in Pennsylvania but I love living at the beach so I am happy 

My brain...never, ever stops thinking.Which makes sleep difficult at times

My life... is in my control and only I can make it better.

My love... does not come easy, it must be earned and treated well. 

I miss... my peeps in West Chester, PA

If i didn't...eat fast food I might have a sz 6 body...see how that all connects?? LOL

I wear... flannel pajama pants when i am home. warm and comfy is key! 
yep - penguin flannels...right there

I eat... like a single person too much sometimes. I need to cook more.

I smile...a lot more lately than I used to...

I laugh... Loud and hearty and lately at my idiot dogs all the time. 

I believe...in God and angels and ghosts but question the idea of aliens

I dream... of winning the lottery and working for NCIS but only if Mark Harmon was my boss. 

The world in general...

I wish...that people would accept that gay or straight it's all the same love.

I want... a world where race, religion, and sexual orientation didn't matter, just the kindness in your soul. 

I need... to remind people that the size of your bank account does not make you a better person.

I crave... a world where anyone could get Blarney Stone wings whenever they wanted... yep still on those wings

I desire... a cure for cancer

If I could... offer every abused woman safe haven I would. Why can't the US do this? 

Since I should...tell every woman to get a CA 125 test for early ovarian cancer detection, I have signed on to be studied by a oncology group out of Philadelphia.

Why I would...take a job making less than 1/2 what I used to make is why the US is in trouble and no one can spend any money.

My heart...knows that at it's core, there is true good in the world.

My brain... suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because not enough government money has gone towards furthering research into this disease.

My life...MY CHOICE! F U Rick Santorum and all the other republican bureaucrats who want to tell me otherwise!

My love... for men is the way I was born, not a choice I made. Same goes for anyone who is gay. Realize that people.

I miss...when the US had respect for the President

If i didn't... fight back, I would be a murder statistic, instead of a violence survivor. Teach every woman how to fight back now!

I wear... my pants pulled up, why can't the rest of the US population. (I am looking at you young man)

I eat...too many chemicals in food I think is safe in a country that should be doing better at policing itself.

I smile...even tho I have never been able to afford good dentistry -even with dental insurance. Wake up dental industry.

I laugh...at the republican candidates that should not even be able to run for dogcatcher , let alone President. (I'm looking at you Newt Gingrich)

I believe...that President Obama is doing the best he can with what he's been allowed to do since our party lines are so negatively divided.

I dream... of a country where woman and children are safe from domestic violence and everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or bank account, is treated equally.