Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh what fresh new hell is this??

My God it's been the week from hell. 

~Thursday night I swore I was having a heart attack...Called 911 and they sent an ambulance and some awesome EMT's.

 I ended up in the ER at Beebe Medical with what they felt was a gallbladder attack. 6 hours later,  around 7:30am,after ekg's or eeg's, xrays and a cat scan I was in cab heading home. Drugged up on Ativan (can we discuss Ativan please? lovely little iv drug ..woohoo) telling the cab driver that the missing passenger door handle in the back was really creepy. Then I asked him if I should drive home with him...yep, i did. God bless him - no bra,no shoes, pj's on...

~Saturday evening Chewy got out and ran away, the little bastard. I mean ran like the wind. Came back tho 15 minutes later when I had gone thru the neighborhood calling his name and finally decided to get in the car to find him. He heard the car start up and the little mf'er came bounding across the street and I opened the door and he hopped in. Good Lord, my heart...

~Sunday night went out to watch the game and my purse was stolen with everything gone. Wallet,license,bank card,social security number,car keys,house keys... I have nothing. Got a ride home from the cops and my car is still there at the bar. No sign of anything from my purse.So now I start the long and laborious journey of reclaiming my identity. Can't get the license without my ss card and I can't get the ss card without a picture id... kinda like a license. And the bank?? Puhleeze, I had to breakdown in the bank lobby for them to cash a check for me. The only one I had from the welcome crap they give you. The girl kept asking me for an id or my debit card...WHAT PART OF PURSE STOLEN DON'T YOU GET??? By that point, with a taxi waiting in the parking lot($$$) and the idea that I couldn't get my money out, it wasn't hard to have a breakdown. In public... ahhh yes. Good Times!

~Tonight, the hospital calls and I think, oh God what fresh new hell is this.. turns out the cat scan they did showed a nodule on my lung. right mid lobe, 3mm ...nothing to worry about she said - um do they freaking know me?? I must have made her tell me 20 times I would be fine - probably from the 2x I had pneumonia. Get it checked in 6 months. 

Really? Again i ask... do they know me?? My right lung has been painful since I hung up the phone and of course I didn't think I could breathe right or swallow. Hello anxiety attack. You know what I could have used?? Some more of that an IV please.

"There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation." ~WC Fields (hahaha think about it...) 

I must add that I have had some fantastic supportive people checking in on me making sure I was ok, giving me words of encouragement, lending me money,etc. God Bless Facebook!! Say what you will but it connects people! (That post is coming.) I decided last night that in the grand scheme of things this is small potatoes. "Head up young person" ~from The Object of My Affection