Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little Spring cleaning of the soul...

I think it's time to start writing quotes again. I have been working on the book but not on any NEW quote/poetry writing. I find I write my best stuff when I am falling in love, or recovering from falling in love- happy or heartbroken - that's when my creative juices flow.


 But since I have been doing/feeling neither of those two things in the past year or so I haven't written anything new. I think that is sad. Why should I need some guy in my life (or out of it...) to do something that I love and that motivates me so much.  

Christ, I am basically living my dream right now. I live at the damn beach. Yes, I am working at a job I hate, making next to no money BUT "If you are lucky enough to live at the beach, you are lucky enough." 

And that is really my only complaint about living here right now... seriously. I love my house. Love my dogs, LOVE my alone time and the idea that I can do what I want, when I want, where I want. When I miss my family I call them on the phone. I see my dad twice a month and my mom once or twice a month when she comes down with him. My friends come down to visit and I speak to the kid every day and get to see her and her hubby this coming weekend. 

I need to prime the pump, so to speak... do a little introspective thinking. Sit on the boards and embrace the ocean, feel the music of the sea. 
I need to stop letting my lack of money suck all the good out of everything I have right now.  Over the past few months I've lost a few people - 3 of them under the age of 45- and none of them ready to go. It's made me think of my own mortality and that of my family and friends. It's made me realize that sometimes I simply exist day to day instead of truly living. Not what I should be doing. And since writing brings my soul a bit closer to the edges, makes me feel a bit more deeply and breathe a bit more freely...well it stands to reason that it is time to write. 

That said, I have brought out some quotes from the book to share with the blogosphere.  Quotes that make me think of Matt, and Mr. C and Johnny Famous. Megan and Mark... all those gone but not forgotten. Also since it's almost Spring, it's time for a little Spring cleaning - which this first quote is all about. Only instead of Spring cleaning the house, some of us need to clean out the closets of our hearts and minds...
"When life overwhelms us, and we have no time to even breathe, we need to remember to hold close those people that truly matter to us. It's at this time that we find out who we have room for in our lives, and who is expendable.We "clean the closets" of our heart and throw away what we don't need. By doing this we are able to make room for what (who) we really love. It's a necessary process in life." ~Stacey Charter

This next one really touches me... even tho I wrote it. It is so important to make sure you tell those you love how you feel. It can't be said enough. God forbid I should pass away, I want my friends and my family, my daughter, to know exactly what they have meant to me. And i do it in different ways. I tell them in text, in person on facebook, in my blog. What is the point of feeling the way you do and not letting them know.

"So many of us put off for tomorrow those words we should say today. Hold with gentle hands those you love. Tell them how you feel and show them how important they are to you. So many times we feel, but don't show, our hearts content. Appreciate those in your life that make you smile, think, laugh and cry. They will not always be there and need to know how important they are to you." ~Stacey Charter

This one speaks for itself. It is probably the truest representation of me that I have ever written and I say it all in 2 simple sentences...

"Alice knew that falling down that rabbit hole was not the smartest thing to do. But life was short & she never could say no when there was fun to be had!" ~Stacey Charter

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read what I write. Please leave a comment if you'd like or share it with your friends. You can click on the "Share this on facebook" link to do that as well. Get ready for some new stuff coming up... I feel it's about that time. 

Wishing you all peace, love, and positive thoughts! ~Stacey

For people who love Jameson and Bad Decisions...

Love this!
Tho I must say since I was here at the beach this year, instead of at the Blarney Stone(like last year and soooo many years before) I managed to make no bad decisions. 

But sometimes those bad decisions can be so damn fun. 

I did miss the hub-bub and the crowd; 

seeing my friends and seeing the step-dancers on the bar... 

Staying in this year was a $$$ choice but in the end, better to leave it to the amateurs and enjoy myself at home - Which i actually did!

I was actually sober this year, while watching my annual trip to Ireland movie - 
The Quiet Man!

 And while i do so...
I had a few drinks alone and talked to friends on the phone, on Facebook and via text. Got to see pics from other folks - wish my 3 St. Paddy's day peeps Happy Birthday and laugh at all the great pics I could find...

Tho i'd much rather be doing this...
then counting change to buy dog food. LOL Soon... I can feel it in my bones. Something better job wise is right around the corner. After all, If i don't put that positivity out into the universe, and think that way, how am I supposed to make my dreams come true?