Sunday, March 18, 2012

For people who love Jameson and Bad Decisions...

Love this!
Tho I must say since I was here at the beach this year, instead of at the Blarney Stone(like last year and soooo many years before) I managed to make no bad decisions. 

But sometimes those bad decisions can be so damn fun. 

I did miss the hub-bub and the crowd; 

seeing my friends and seeing the step-dancers on the bar... 

Staying in this year was a $$$ choice but in the end, better to leave it to the amateurs and enjoy myself at home - Which i actually did!

I was actually sober this year, while watching my annual trip to Ireland movie - 
The Quiet Man!

 And while i do so...
I had a few drinks alone and talked to friends on the phone, on Facebook and via text. Got to see pics from other folks - wish my 3 St. Paddy's day peeps Happy Birthday and laugh at all the great pics I could find...

Tho i'd much rather be doing this...
then counting change to buy dog food. LOL Soon... I can feel it in my bones. Something better job wise is right around the corner. After all, If i don't put that positivity out into the universe, and think that way, how am I supposed to make my dreams come true? 

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  1. Keep speaking it into existence Girlfriend. BTW, if I do get to Phili this year who puts my name on the Blarney Stone board? And it won't be the same without you!! And where's my cases of TastyCakes?? So many questions. Keep putting the good word out here and we'll keep looping back to hear your words of wisdom. Hugs & love.