Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and catch up time...


Wow it has been way too long since I blogged. I apologize. In the past 20 days, I got hired at and started 2 jobs. I left the one at KMart because the 2nd job I started is at a bank and is full time, more money and has excellent benefits. Based on the openness of my blog and the world today in general, I will simply refer to my new job as ... The Bank... What's funny, or great, is that the day after I asked a friend to say special prayers for me to find the right job, I got the call for an interview from the Bank and subsequently got the job!  

Yes, I do believe in the power of prayer. I also believe in angels, ghosts, Karma and Divine Intervention. I am a mixed up bag of spirituality.

I've gone thru 2 weeks of training and Wednesday was my first full day on the phones alone. All went great and I am loving the job, meeting some great new friends and walking almost 3 miles a day getting around the work site. Yes the call center is that big! 11 more days on the phones then back into training for 6 weeks. Christmas parties and Secret Santa's and pig in's, my own cubicle... I have missed the business world! I also like the job security. 

Last weekend Mom and Dad came down to their beach house and brought my daughter Kelly and her fiance' DaShaun with them. The kid and DaShaun stayed with me and it was so good to see them. it had been 3 month since I had last seen the kid - tho we do talk every day- and I MISSED HER!  Mom surprised me with a fabulous early family Thanksgiving last Sunday and it was so great. Today, I spent the holiday alone and didn't even care... because I had last Sunday! 

Today I appreciated the day off, slept in until 8:30am (i have been getting up at 5am during the week)  and made a great meatloaf, asparagus w/ hollandaise sauce, a baked potato and crescent rolls.
mmmmmm cheese soup on the meatloaf!

I finally get paid next Friday - 3 weeks worth - and man will it be good to have money. Right now I have about 10 bucks in my bank account and I drive 30 miles a day back and forth to work so I am in a bit of a panic. BUT everything happens for a reason and If I had extra money in the bank right now I would be black Thursday shopping tonight... I do not need to be doing that! 

So many things to be thankful for...but that's for another blog tomorrow. 

For those of you who celebrate it (believe it or not I have a lot of readers who aren't from the US) I hope your Thanksgiving's were filled with friends, family, laughter, love and good food. 

I hope you take a moment, or hopefully longer, to truly reflect on all that you have in your life to be thankful for. Please remember to appreciate all that you can while you can, because life can be fleeting. Don't wait to say what you feel and love who you want because you've got to start living your life every day! 

"and today there was joy. Joy for life and all the beautiful people and experiences involved. I hope that all you dear hearts were able to feel that joy all around." ~Jamie Windsong Kasper


Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Gifts to 30 Strangers...

My cousin barb sent me this today and i just had to share it with you ~

Compuware Australia Employee Helps Friend Make His 30th Birthday Memorable
If our friends are a true indication of who we really are, then Macquarie Park Sales Representative Sue Fine is certainly a great human being. She recently helped a good friend fulfill his 30th birthday wish in the most fun and giving way.
Her friend, Lucas, didn’t want to go on a pub crawl, or travel to an exotic location to fulfill a life-long dream. Instead, he wanted to buy 30 gifts and give them to 30 strangers on his birthday. Lucas wanted to experience how good it felt to give without expecting anything in return. He wanted to see the joy or surprise on someone’s face after they received a really great and beautifully wrapped gift from a total stranger.
“He ended up buying most of the gifts himself, but so many friends wanted to be included. So about 10 of the gifts were bought by friends,” said Sue, who helped wrap the gifts and assisted when Lucas handed them out. “It was not just a case of going to a store and bulk buying the gifts. Every gift was carefully selected and thought out so that it included boys, girls, young, old, toddlers -- everyone.”
 Sue thoroughly enjoyed watching the expressions the faces of the recipients and those nearby.
 “All the people, in some shape or form, were at first shocked, and asked what they needed to do or buy,” she said. “Afterwards, they were just really touched, and everyone smiled. It also caused some reversal giving. Someone gave Lucas a loaf of bread and, of course, he got a lot of hugs.”
 Birthday hugs. At least 30 of them.
 It's likely that most people wouldn't remember what they did on our 30th birthday – or 20th for those younger colleagues. But Lucas will always remember his big day.“This was very typical of Lucas,” Sue added. “He is a giving person and truly believes everyone can do their bit to make others – and their lives – better. He volunteered for a long time as a clown at an orphanage and at hospitals in Brazil and Spain, where he used to live.”
 To catch a glimpse of how Lucas’s 30th birthday went, watch this video. Who knows, it may give you some good ideas.

It is such a wonderful story , such a wonderful idea that I have decided that I will do this exact same thing on my 50th birthday. That gives me 2 years to buy the gifts. 

30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

Goosebumps yet? Tears in your eyes? Here's the second video that shows you a little bit more behind the scenes.

Making of - 30 gifts to 30 strangers from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

You can also visit Lucas's website here. This is so heartwarming to see and to know that there are people in the world with such pure goodness in their hearts. I hope it's moved you and made you want to give back in your own way. 

Sending you all good thoughts and warm hugs...~Stacey

PS: Thanks for sharing this Barb... love you!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

getting back to normal...

So finally I have gotten everything I need in order to work (and identify myself as a US citizen). My PA license repl & my social security card are in my happy little hands. I also got a call from a well known dept store and they offered me a job. Not exactly sure what the title is but I will be working at the customer service desk, over seeing the cashiers and working layaway as well. It will keep me busy and I can't wait. One problem is the amount of pay - it pays 7.75 per hour...which I find very surprising and it's part time. But it is a job and that is something to be thankful for...and I am! It's seasonal but if I do a good job thru the next 2 months then I could be offered a permanent position.

I knew when I moved down here to the beach that I would not be making the money I made in West Chester. I also knew that I could live comfortably on half of the salary I was getting in PA. In order to do that I need to make at least 13.00 an hour for a 40 hour work week. So now I will wait and see what my actual schedule is and then try to find another part time job with 20-25 hours a week. Hostessing or office work - something I can work around the dept store job. 

I feel blessed every day when I wake up in my own house at the beach. I know that I am living a dream of mine that I truly didn't know would ever come true.Part of living that dream is knowing that money is not what is needed to be truly happy. I also think about how much my life has changed in the 3 months since I have been living down here permanently. All great things! 

So I will work where I can and as much as I can knowing that at the end of each day I am 3 miles from the beach and the ocean I love so much.

Truly blessed!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I want this Barbie

So apparently, straight laced... uptight... moms are having a fit over this new barbie doll. Pink hair, tattoos and a spiky little cactus dog named Bastardo ... I. MUST.HAVE.HER.  
Not a huge Barbie fan, considering that I am 47...crap...48 years old. (gaaaaahhhh 48 sounds soooo much older then 47) but I love the obscure take on old favorites. And this is awesome. And it's a collector Barbie btw - so all those soccer mom's bitching about the scandalous tattoo's need to shut it. Or wait, here's a thought - just don't BUY IT!

As Jacqueline Burt says in her blog on this same subject - "let's get real for a minute: Barbie 

has always dressed like a $5 hooker. It's not like this new model represents some drastic

departure from her usual style..."  

LMAO - and it's so true. They have no problem with the double D boobs and the feet molded specifically for "come fuck me quick" heels, so why the drama?

I think everyone needs to take a xanax and chill the hell out. Everything is so politically correct and uptight anymore... It really is a wonder that any of us managed to survive our childhoods without parents that were so worried about us.

Anybarbieisawhoreway - I want her! And at $50 bucks, you can bet no little kids in my family will be playing with her.

PS: Yes I know I am not working yet because the DMV has yet to get me my license and I won't be spending $50 on a damn doll but a girl can dream can't she?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

WOOHOO!! Today's my BIRTHDAY!!
and yes I am one of those birthday lovers. I celebrate it for as long as I can and love to tell everyone it's my day. Not because I want presents or well wishes, but just because it's here. It's the one day out of the year that we can call our own. Our own special holiday. I look at it as the beginning of my new year and look at the past year and look forward to the coming one. 

It is the first time I've been completely alone on my birthday - the first year in a while where I don't get together with my friends and family to catch up and celebrate. But that's ok. I saw my bestie Vern last night - had fabulous Nicola's pizza for dinner and walked on the beach and watched the spectacular crazy waves crashing  on the shore. 

Today I have a job interview at 1 at M & T bank. How can I NOT get the job if it's my birthday?? LOL it's a full time gig with the money I need and something I would be good at so fingers crossed. PLUS the woman who called me to set up the interview... today is her birthday too! LOL it's destiny.

So if you read my previous post Around and around I owe you an update of what I accomplished. I managed everything on the list except for the hallway painting (that's this afternoon) and the screened in porch. Pretty good if I do say so myself. 

So keeping it light and breezy today - here's some fun pictures of a few of my favorite things...
Frankfurt Germany Book Fair
Personally, being the book lover that I am, I like to think that Heaven has a special room that looks just like this!

David in a bathtub
Because seriously, who doesn't like David Boreanaz on a bathtub. I was watching the original pilot of Angel on demand the other night and forgot just how great that show was. Tho I do love him as Seely Booth in Bones, nothing is sexier than that long coat Angel use to strut around in.

mmmmmm Harry Shum jr
Yep, I am a gleek - and proud of it. And this year I am discovering a new lust for Harry here... can you blame me?? 

Love this pic - want the poster to frame and hang up in my house. 

And speaking of Mermaids - i am seriously thinking about making a Mermaid costume (merman?) for Chewy and entering him in the Sea Witch Dog Parade? Would that be wrong? Tacky? Do I care?? LOL nope - not a bit.
yep - something like this...
Oh please, like you wouldn't think it was cute! LOL

found this picture the other day and fell in love with it. it reminds me of the day this past August when Jeff and Vern and I sat on the beach watching the dolphins play for 2 solid hours - 

Think I may head to the beach after my job interview today - maybe have a little one on one time with the ocean. Sounds like a perfect way to spend part of my birthday!

Missing my girls today - Colleen, Kelly and Crystal. Kelly and DaShaun called me this morning and sang me Happy Birthday!! 
I think I will splurge on a bottle of champagne tonight and have a drink for my girlies!

Okay wrapping this up - heading to the shower and then getting ready for my job interview. I hope you all have a fantastic October 13th!! I know that I will!! <3 ~Stacey

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

around and around...

UGH! Can you belive the Phillies LOST??  It sucks because now I have to wait until Spring for more Phillies ball. And do not even get me started on the Eagles. Oh well there's always the Flyers. such is the life of a Philly sports fan. You win some... you lose a lot. LOL

Still in limbo here in slower lower, as I wait for the PA DMV to copy and mail me my PA drivers license. I can't start working at the one job I got at Cracker Barrel, until I have that license in my hand. Once I get the license I have to go to social security and get my replacement card as well. But that will only take an hour or so. So I float - with no money coming in and a feeling of nervousness at my situation. Spinning around and around in that catch-22 circle. I hope the person who stole my purse is still enjoying it. Because I sure as hell am still cleaning up the mess they made.

(For those of you too young or not from the US who may question what a "Catch-22" situation is or what Catch -22 means:Catch-22, coined by Joseph Heller in his novel Catch-22, is a logical paradox arising from a situation in which an individual needs something that can only be acquired by not being in that very situation; therefore, the acquisition of this thing becomes logically impossible. A real life example of this - much easier to understand would be -A man tries to get a job with a company, but they won't hire him because he has no work experience in that field. He cannot gain work experience because he cannot get a job in that field without experience. ~copied from Wikipedia - Catch-22)

It amaze me how one act can have such a ripple affect on so much of my life. And instead of utilizing my time off, I sit around and do nothing - or surf the web for other jobs. I have so much to get done in my house that I should be doing but haven't gotten off my ass to do them yet.  Which in turn makes me feel more useless and annoyed. another Catch-22 if you will... but one I can solve by getting over myself and becoming productive. I swear PROCRASTINATION should have been my middle name. Why put it off for tomorrow that which you can do the next day...LOL or something to that effect.

 I know that part of this is the PTSD rearing it's ugly head. Part of it's stress from the money situation and pure laziness as well. But really, what good is it doing me to dwell? To use this as an excuse to simply exist instead of live and thrive?

Here is my positive, moving forward affirmation and to do list for today-

Only I can control my actions and only I can change them. I refuse to stress about things that I have no control over - the license, the job, the money.... Instead I will only concentrate on that which I can accomplish. By doing that, I will then be able embrace the positive feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  

So here is my promise to myself for today. I feel if I put it on the blog, I will be held more accountable for it. Tonight before I go to bed I will let you know what I have actually done. Even more accountability...

Today I have decided to work myself ragged. When I fall into bed tonight I will be exhausted from the sheer volume of everything I have accomplished today.

  •  I will clean my house today, including scrubbing the floors and getting into those corners and under the furniture.(this is really something is should do 2x a week because of the dog hair and I haven't done it since last week) 
  •  I will finish painting the hallway today and then paint the cabinets and around the light fixture in the bathroom. All of which will be the same bleach linen color so it will be logical transition from one to the other. 
  • When that's complete, I will head out to the screened in porch and vacuum it before it rains, so I can enjoy it more when the weather is cool.(ugh - cobwebs and spiders abound... this will be a tough one to accomplish)
  •  I will eat a decent meal today - not a can of tuna or a handful of crackers. (yes - even tho I may be overweight, I do not eat enough. Sounds silly I know but when I am stressed I don't eat. )
  • I will call the DMV in Harrisburg and see what is going on with my license replacement.
  • I will call Cracker Barrel and explain to then that once again I will not be able to start the job because my license has not arrived yet (this one is the hardest on the list for me to complete...makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it)
So there is my list. This is how I have learned (God bless you life coach Andrea Owen) to stop listening to those negative gremlins in my mind and get my head out of my own butt and get things done. Okay peeps - it's time to kick ass! Wish me luck!

Friday, October 7, 2011


So here's my current Facebook status - 
"Almost drove to West Chester for the weekend. To visit friends, watch the game at the Stone, eat some wings, hug my kid... BUT- then the grown up kicked in & w/ no money and 2 dogs to uproot, the damn grown up won out. So home I stay but I am making wings tonight. And some of my friends, you may find some sappy notes on your facebook pages. Deal with it! LOL"

I think it's because of a number of reasons that I am missing everyone and West Chester today. I have a few free days - at least until I get my license in the mail. PLUS the Phillies are playing the 5th and deciding game tonight for NLDS. 

I'm used to watching these big games with friends at the Blarney. Such a different mood and experience when you are rooting with friends who love the team like you do.

 That said - I'm not sad or bummed or anything - just yearning for some common ground I guess.

Since I haven't been able to find the perfect Blarney Wings down here at the beach, I decided today- when i knew i couldn't go to West Chester- that I would make my own.

. God knows I made enough of them at the Stone and it's a basic recipe (which is what makes them so friggin good) that I think I will do them proud. And FYI my mouth is watering reading this - i know some of you reading may understand cause you've been there and love them - Jewels, Shelley, My boo BOB. 

Oh and yeah THE PHILLIES HAVE TO WIN TONIGHT!!! I can't imagine an October where they don't play thru... Like Tugger used to say YA GOTTA BELIEVE! 
I know I believe!!  

I went out to watch the game on Wednesday - went to the Greene Turtle in Lewes and had a great time. While I was there I met 2 guys - one who decided (when he was sober fyi) he wanted to hang out with me - walked me to my car, tried to mac on me. Been a while - he was good looking, irish and a little older than me. But I wasn't feeling it. He didn't set off my "stranger danger" alarm which is a plus. I think because I am not feeling too good about myself lately - not looking for  compliments - just being truthful. I was supposed to meet him there tonight for the game but...I think I have to get back my dating mojo. Or maybe I just need to get a job and feel like I am a productive member of Lower Slower Delaware.

Which brings me to the other guy I met. He was married so it was simply chatting and friendly banter about the Phils which was great... PLUS he works for a bank and told me he wanted me to apply there for a job. Thought I would be a great fit - It's full time and the money I want, so we exchanged info and I heard from him today. I applied on line and he's talking to HR about me. Which is EXCELLENT!!! 

And after the last disaster of me going out alone, (see Fresh New Hell to refresh your memory) was quite a fun time. I realized I can go out alone, talk up some fun folks, have a good time, not spend a lot of money and generally feel good about the whole experience. So I may have made 2 connections that will change things for me down here. We shall see. 

Now it's time to relax and regroup before the game. I have wings to make and Miller Lite to drink! I should probably shut my windows since I plan on yelling at the game big time - but what the hell, might as well let the neighbors know I am Philly Proud. 

I'll leave you with this - 

Dear Harry, Tug & Whitey - We're not saying we need some divine intervention, we're just saying it couldn't hurt! We Believe!!! Thanks Guys!
all our love~The Phillies Fans

PS: WOOHOO only 6 days til ma birfday...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Randomly ramblin...

I spent the whole weekend and most of Monday behind the sewing machine doing those Eagles numbers and as always my mind wanders down the garden path.

 Here are some of the things that I found as I wandered and some life updates as well...

~Only 8 more days until my birthday! 48 this year... GAH!
I did not think I would be where I am at this age. I think that is a good thing. I own a house at the beach. I will be working a job I can leave at the job place and not take home with me. I am happy and content and thank God every day when I wake up.

~I will be celebrating my birthday alone for the first time this year. No friends or family to party at the Blarney.

I will miss each and every one of them too. But i refuse to let that get me down - see above...I am a lucky girl!

~Chewy, the new dog, or as I like to call him "Special Ed" is adapting well. He is now a full fledged member of the family for both me and Jack.
He's crazy, but in a good way, and really, how else would a pet I own behave? Plus he's a stone cold love bug who likes to snuggle so it's a win/win.

~Fall has arrived and down here at the beach it's been 60's during the day and 40's at night. It energizes me, this beautiful weather does.
I decorated for Halloween and sometimes just stand in my living room and full out grin from ear to ear at my beautiful house. Well probably more than sometimes...

~That said - it is supposed to be in the high 70's and full out sunny this weekend. One of the benefits (and there are many) of living at the beach is
I can go to the beach on a warm October day when every one else thinks beach season is done.

~I found out today, that I can't officially start working until I get my license in the mail. So now my start date will be next Wednesday instead of today. 
I am looking at it as a kind of spontaneous vacation. A week to do what I want before I start working every night and weekend. So today I am vegging (still trying to catch up after an all night sewing session I pulled), and cleaning. Then the rest of the week will be outside work, painting and reading and writing. Sounds like a damn good week to me.

My Phillies are trying to win the games that will get them to the World Series. October ball, it doesn't get much more exciting if you're a fan. And God knows I am a fan.
It probably goes without saying, that I Believe!Phil's are going all the way this year and I can't wait to see it!

Well thanks for joining me as I ramble along again... remember to count your blessings, hug those you love and appreciate everything life offers you - the good and the bad- because it's what makes us who we are! Wishing you smiles and peace~Stacey

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Look into my eyes and I'll own you...

 Adam Levine makes my lady parts tingle...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Someone like you...

I've been waiting for this video. Kinda says it all and than some...

Simply beautiful!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh what fresh new hell is this??

My God it's been the week from hell. 

~Thursday night I swore I was having a heart attack...Called 911 and they sent an ambulance and some awesome EMT's.

 I ended up in the ER at Beebe Medical with what they felt was a gallbladder attack. 6 hours later,  around 7:30am,after ekg's or eeg's, xrays and a cat scan I was in cab heading home. Drugged up on Ativan (can we discuss Ativan please? lovely little iv drug ..woohoo) telling the cab driver that the missing passenger door handle in the back was really creepy. Then I asked him if I should drive home with him...yep, i did. God bless him - no bra,no shoes, pj's on...

~Saturday evening Chewy got out and ran away, the little bastard. I mean ran like the wind. Came back tho 15 minutes later when I had gone thru the neighborhood calling his name and finally decided to get in the car to find him. He heard the car start up and the little mf'er came bounding across the street and I opened the door and he hopped in. Good Lord, my heart...

~Sunday night went out to watch the game and my purse was stolen with everything gone. Wallet,license,bank card,social security number,car keys,house keys... I have nothing. Got a ride home from the cops and my car is still there at the bar. No sign of anything from my purse.So now I start the long and laborious journey of reclaiming my identity. Can't get the license without my ss card and I can't get the ss card without a picture id... kinda like a license. And the bank?? Puhleeze, I had to breakdown in the bank lobby for them to cash a check for me. The only one I had from the welcome crap they give you. The girl kept asking me for an id or my debit card...WHAT PART OF PURSE STOLEN DON'T YOU GET??? By that point, with a taxi waiting in the parking lot($$$) and the idea that I couldn't get my money out, it wasn't hard to have a breakdown. In public... ahhh yes. Good Times!

~Tonight, the hospital calls and I think, oh God what fresh new hell is this.. turns out the cat scan they did showed a nodule on my lung. right mid lobe, 3mm ...nothing to worry about she said - um do they freaking know me?? I must have made her tell me 20 times I would be fine - probably from the 2x I had pneumonia. Get it checked in 6 months. 

Really? Again i ask... do they know me?? My right lung has been painful since I hung up the phone and of course I didn't think I could breathe right or swallow. Hello anxiety attack. You know what I could have used?? Some more of that an IV please.

"There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation." ~WC Fields (hahaha think about it...) 

I must add that I have had some fantastic supportive people checking in on me making sure I was ok, giving me words of encouragement, lending me money,etc. God Bless Facebook!! Say what you will but it connects people! (That post is coming.) I decided last night that in the grand scheme of things this is small potatoes. "Head up young person" ~from The Object of My Affection

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello Boys...

I believe it may be time for some Man Candy.  Sorry straight guys - I will throw you a bone at the end of the post...

Oh my... to be those hands
Can we discuss the lines on his hips? That used to be not a huge turn on for me. I now realize the error of my ways.

this is so Mike Rowe... love it

Something so sexy about a man in work boots...and one that gets dirty and works with his hands. 

Good Lord he's beautiful

Ahhhha little Tony DiNozzo
mmmhmmm - Michael Weatherly... no explanation needed!


Simon Baker

sexiest dam pose 

please - do i need a reason?

No Clothes party - at Aqua in Rehoboth!

Here ya go - girl candy just for you guys...
In case you haven't looked at her face yet, it's Christina Hendricks!