Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello Boys...

I believe it may be time for some Man Candy.  Sorry straight guys - I will throw you a bone at the end of the post...

Oh my... to be those hands
Can we discuss the lines on his hips? That used to be not a huge turn on for me. I now realize the error of my ways.

this is so Mike Rowe... love it

Something so sexy about a man in work boots...and one that gets dirty and works with his hands. 

Good Lord he's beautiful

Ahhhha little Tony DiNozzo
mmmhmmm - Michael Weatherly... no explanation needed!


Simon Baker

sexiest dam pose 

please - do i need a reason?

No Clothes party - at Aqua in Rehoboth!

Here ya go - girl candy just for you guys...
In case you haven't looked at her face yet, it's Christina Hendricks!


  1. Nice! I agree about the lines in the hips and I LOVE Simon Baker. are missing one vital photo. Where's MARK WAHLBERG?!?!?!?!?

  2. Hello Hell! I love those guys. We have the same taste (great taste I might add) and it will please you to know that I share well so we won't have to fight over them. My goodness...I may have to go write a naughty post just to cool down. hehe. Thanks for this sweetie.

  3. LOL ladies - you are welcome. Jerzey girl - Marky Mark doesn't do it for me... i saw him in person a few years ago - exchanged a hello and he was very nice but super short and tiny...killed it for me. Jewels - glad you love them too and thanks for sharing LOL