Friday, June 14, 2013

and she's 27

Hug your kids my friends and appreciate them every day because it will fly by right in front of your eyes!
WOW! So my daughter turns 27 years old in a few minutes - June 14th. I can't believe she is that old! It really is true that you see your children, as children, no matter how old they are. Which makes me turning 50 in October mean a little less... since my parents probably still think of me as 16. Right? Yeah, thought I would try and make that fly...anyway...

I remember it like it was yesterday. She was my First baby, first grandchild, I had been married for 3 years, and at the age of 22, heading to the hospital to give birth. And then laying in a hospital bed FOREVER but with no contractions, watching Miami Vice that Friday night. Her father (my now ex-husband) saying, I hope she is born in time for Saturday cartoons. LOL  And she was...7:31 am that Saturday morning - labor had finally kicked in around 3am. 

I remember the Doctor telling my husband to take pictures, and my husband turning a lovely shade of green.  I remember my brother calling right after and asking me when the next one was coming... and I said - forget it I will adopt. But like all mom's, we forget the pain (otherwise we wouldn't do it again) and while I did not have the luck to have another baby by the time I would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 29, I never cared. I had my perfect baby.

here's my little mini-me - she's in color, I am in black and white

From the moment she was born, my heart was walking around outside of my body, and it's name is Kelly. Every decision, every job, every move, even the divorce... all done with her needs coming first. As I felt it should have. Truly, the only thing I have ever done where I didn't take her into consideration first, was my move to the beach. But she was 25 and it was time.
with Pop-Pop, making her laugh as always

December 1986 - first Christmas morning

My God I was young. But I was a good mom. I say that looking back and knowing it to be true. I made mistakes, and don't we all, but she turned out better then I could have ever imagined. She's caring, loving, respectful, intuitive, not a prejudice bone in her body AND she thinks I'm pretty cool too. 

Junior Prom

Senior Prom

The blond in both the prom pictures is my second kid, Colleen, Kelly's best friend. I have a third one named Crystal, her other best friend. Here they all are a few years ago...
my beautiful girls

And know my baby is married, and Colleen's bridal shower is this weekend.  My girls are all grown up. BUT I will still be getting silly with them Saturday night, as I head home to spend the weekend with them all. Pickleback shots all around. 
2012 Mr. & Mrs.
So my baby's going to be 27 and I am counting the minutes until I get to spend time with her and wish her a Happy Birthday in person.  Until then tho, Happy Birthday, my Kelly Lynn.  I love you more than life itself, and know that I am blessed every day because you are mine.  xoxoxoxo 

And that, Kelly- my love, in the immortal words of Marky-Mark (and quite possibly the Funky Bunch) is the "word to ya mutha"  or actually, the "word from your mutha".  

PS: I'm baaaaaaaaack. Did ya miss me?