Wednesday, July 13, 2011

there's no place like home...

It's funny how quickly a place can feel like home. And how quickly a place that used to be home can feel like it belongs to someone else. That's a good thing tho...I missed my home, my beach house, the minute we we hit the first bend after the main drag. I wasn't going home, i was leaving it. And i didn't want to. Don't get me wrong - I was looking forward to seeing the kids and smooching my dog and seeing my parents and my friends, BUT I knew when I left, I was visiting West Chester... not going home to it. I notice my words have changed as well, I no longer say home when I am talking about the apartment and instead say it about my house in Rehoboth.

All of this is good stuff. It's transitional stuff that makes things go more smoothly. My love and excitement for my new home make it so I don't miss my old one quite as much. The idea that I won't see Kelly every day or my parents when I want doesn't hurt quite as much because I know that I am where I belong. It's like finding that missing puzzle piece and having it fit perfectly. 

All this time I thought my missing piece..or pieces, would be wrapped up in a man. I didn't feel complete because I was single. I had fallen in love a few times but it never worked out. Somewhere out there was the guy who would, in the words of Jerry McGuire, "Complete me". But what if this move, buying my own home, living at the beach on my own, is what completes me? What if the parts of my soul that I thought I needed to find in someone else, were really there all along. In the ocean and the sand and the cry of the seagulls and the smooth rocks on the shore?

What if I am still single, because the universe or God, felt that I needed to complete myself BEFORE I found someone to share my life with? Someone to compliment my life instead of completing it?

How many people can say they've figured it out? Found their BLISS? Completed themselves and are exactly where they are supposed to be? 

I am so blessed. So truly, truly blessed! 

"In this journey we call life, so many people search for something outside of themselves to complete their lives, complete their souls. What if we realized everything we need can be found within ourselves. It just has to be rearranged a bit to fit together and make us whole. Wouldn't that be the most wonderful thing?" ~Stacey Charter