Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and a Merry Cliffmas it is...

As most know, or will know after reading my blogs, I am a sports fan. HUGE sports fan actually but then living in the philly burbs usually goes hand in hand with a love of all sports philly style. It also should lead to an all consuming love of cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, cheezwhiz, Rocky and the Mummers but that's another blog topic. Being a philly sports fan means loving The Eagles, The Phillies, The Flyers and the Sixers. (tho personally i hate basketball... sorry). It also means a hatred of all New York teams (and New Jersey teams that say they are new york teams) Like the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Rangers and UGH The DEVILS!!! Oh and Dallas Sucks! Please ...we are born saying that in this city LOL.

Just to clarify tho, I am not one of those people who love the latest hot player**(see bottom note). I think sometimes, because I am a girl, guys will think less of my sports opinions. But rest assured, I know my shit. I may not be able to spout statistics like a guy (an enviable trait btw) but I can sure as hell hold my own in a conversation and may even offer up a new insight or two. I also admit and ask about something I don't understand (mostly weird new stuff in football LOL). I love the sport, the give and take, the symmetry and symphony that goes into playing it. I want to know the stat's and the odds and figure out what makes a team tick.

As a Philly sports fan, this past week has been probably one of the best in a while. First off, one of my favorite baseball pitchers, Cliff Lee, says NO to the Yankees and for less money comes back to play for the Phillies. HAH! in your face Spankees...see money can't always buy your perfect team. Oh the joy that is involved in watching Cliff Lee pitch. He is truly amazing. Poetry in motion! And fast too, 1,2,3, bam back in the dugout. no fooling around with him. And he makes it look so effortless. I was sad to lose Jayson Werth to the Nationals, or as I used to call him... ma huzzzzzband. It seems when I follow a player they get traded. But having Cliff come home to philly to pitch with Hamels, Halladay and Oswalt gives my Phillies one of the best pitching line ups in the league...perhaps in the history of the league. And if you know baseball you know- you can't win without good pitching!

Secondly, the flyers are kicking some major ass! I love to see them winning! I admit I don't follow them as closely as I should until after the Superbowl though. My brain can only handle so much. I enjoy seeing my facebook friends get Flyered up about the games and i keep tabs on how The Flyers are doing. I think hockey is an amazing sport! Complex but simple at the same time.And the fights?? Woohoo! Ya gotta love a good hockey fight. (and yes I know they lost... I wrote part of this before the game, but they are still doing great! #1!

And know what it is don't ya? THE MIRACLE IN THE NEW MEADOWLANDS!! 

The Eagles scored 28 points in a little under 8 minutes, the last 8 of the 4th quarter i might add, to win the game and become 1st in the division. The adjectives don't describe it - fantastic, miraculous, historical, impossible,
magical...i could go on but i won't. i was helping out a friend so i had to listen to the first 3 quarters on the radio. When I left to come home we were losing 24 to 3 and even Merrill Reese said he knew we couldn't perform the impossible so that meant we were gonna lose. But then, it happened. I don't know what IT was, but something changed. And as if on script we performed, the Giants didn't and BAM! We were walking away with a 38-31 score. The idea that every thing has to be done exactly right, timed perfectly in the universe, for this to happen amazes me. Down to the fumble by DeSean on the kick-off return. if he hadn't fumbled, he would have been tackeled. Then we would have had to hail mary it for a field goal get what I am saying. Everything just clicks and the magic happens!

SO all in all it's a pretty damn good week to be a philly sports fan! Merry Christmas to us!! Or should i say...

**ok so i picked Jayson Werth to cheer for because he is friggin hot AND he shakes his junk over the plate before he swings. just clarifying here...