Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hold with gentle hands those you love...

"So many of us put off for tomorrow those words we should say today. Hold with gentle hands those you love. Tell them how you feel and show them how important they are to you. So many times we feel, but don't show, our hearts content. Appreciate those in your life that make you smile, think, laugh and cry. They will not always be there and need to know how important they are to you." ~Stacey Charter

So wow! This one got some mad love today on Facebook. How could I not write a blog about it? So simple yet so foreign to many of us. The idea that we open up our mouths and open up our hearts and tell someone how we really feel.

 What is the reasoning behind not letting someone you love or care about know how you feel? Is it our defense mechanism against hurt and vulnerability? Is it a fear that our feelings won't be returned? I say who cares? Seriously who really gives a damn? The idea that you can love someone who doesn't share those feelings back is not that uncommon. Hate to say it folks but in matters of the heart , very rarely do we find that perfect match. How often can we say we are in a 50/50 relationship. In this world of give and take someone always cares more. or less.

Does it make it any better to hold those feelings in? Of course in this instance i am talking about romantic love. But what about family love, love between friends... love between strangers. Not sex people - minds out of the gutter lol - but feelings. 

The last guy that I was seeing was one of those "we don't talk about feelings" kind of guys. I remember being so frustrated at not being able to share my feelings with him that I wanted to walk away from him. The idea so wrong and against my nature that I was willing to break my heart a bit rather then live my life in a way that was so foreign to me.  I remember telling him I was falling for him and he said don't. I remember telling him I was falling IN LOVE with him and everything changed.

 Do I regret that,... living my way , instead of his? Opening myself up to him, putting my heart on my sleeve and ultimately losing him anyway? No! Not even for one second. I didn't share my feelings with him so they would be reciprocated, i knew in my heart they wouldn't be. I shared... and share, my feelings with those I care about, because I want them to know that in this big, sometimes ugly, many times scary, always breathtakingly beautiful world, they are not alone. 

 I am so blessed to have such fantastic people in my life, and I hope that they know how i feel about them.(at this point, some of you are laughing... because you know damn well you have been on the receiving end of one of my   "wait, wait , listen... do you know how much I love you and let me tell you why" talks, late night at the bar, or at the beach or at Bilotta bar... LOL)   My friends, my family, they know by my words and actions how I love them. I never want to regret not saying how I feel to those who matter to me. I never want to lose someone and say to myself, why didn't I let them know how important they were to me. Why didn't I let them know they were loved?

Isn't that really what we all want and crave in our lives anyway? I mean sure, money, great sex, happiness - they are things we want. But really, what makes us get up in the mornings when our hearts are too heavy to beat is the idea that some where, some one loves us... no matter what.

I could write a book, volumes even, on this subject. How important it is to share your heart with those in your life. But the other book I'm writing is hard enough right now so let me just break it down like this. If you care about someone, love them, like them... if they make you laugh and cry and you hurt when they hurt, feel bliss when they do then tell them. TELL THEM!! What's stopping you? Do it right now...pick up a phone or send an email, send a text or a fly a banner. How ever you need to ... Just DO It! Your heart will thank you!

"Right now at this very minute...

someone is very proud of you..
someone is thinking of you..
someone cares about you..
someone misses you..
someone wants to talk to you..
someone wants to be with you..
someone wants to hold your hand..
someone wants you to be happy..
someone wants you to find them..
someone is celebrating your successes..
someone wants to give you a gift..
someone thinks you ARE a gift..

someone wants to hug you..
someone loves you..
someone wants to lavish you with small gifts..
someone admires your strength..
someone is thinking of you and smiling..
someone wants your shoulder to cry on..
someone wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun..
someone thinks the world of you..
someone wants to protect you..
someone would do anything for you..
someone wants to be forgiven..
someone is grateful for your forgiveness..
someone wants to laugh with you about old times..
someone remembers you and wishes you were there..
somebody values your advice..
someone wants to tell you how much they care..
someone wants to stay up watching old movies with you..
someone wants to share their dreams with you..
someone wants to hold you in their arms..
someone wants YOU to hold them in your arms..

someone treasures your spirit..
someone wishes they could STOP time because of you..
someone can't wait to see you..
someone wishes that things didn't have to change..
someone loves you for who you are..
someone loves the way you make them feel..
someone wants to be with you..
someone is hoping they can grow old with you..
someone hears a song that reminds them of you..
someone wants you to know they are there for you..
someone is glad that you're their friend..
someone wants to be your friend..
someone stayed up all night thinking about you..
someone is alive because of you..
someone is remorseful after losing your friendship..
someone is wishing that you would notice them..
someone wants to get to know you better..
someone believes that you are their soul mate..
someone wants to be near you..
someone misses your guidance and advice..
someone values your guidance and advice..
someone has faith in you..
someone trusts you..
someone needs you to send them this letter..
someone needs your support..
someone needs you to have faith in them..
someone needs you to let them be your friend." ~author unknown