Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let it snow...

Our first measurable snow here in Slower Lower. Perfect! A lazy Saturday night in and outside the storms's a brewing. Love it!

this is supposed to say "YaY"... hmmmm

beautiful, quiet and sparkly! I know most every one else who can get snow has had some but here at the beach it's not that common an occurrence. 

There is just something about the quiet of the snow falling... it's like the world is hushed by the beauty.

RIP Whitney Houston...

Wow! 48 years old, Whitney Houston has died. 6:55 pm EST (3:55 in LA) at the Beverly Hilton in her room. They are saying no foul play is suspected and no cause was immediately apparent.

RIP Whitney. We will ALWAYS love you!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Sooo my laptop charger doesn't always work in my laptop anymore. I don't know if it's the laptop or the actual charger and I refuse to spend the money to replace the charger if it still won't work.  And it's seriously pissing me off. 

I finally, tonight ,got it to hit all the right spots and start charging again and now i seem to have a laptop that i can't move... at all. If the dogs come near it and brush up against the cord i could lose the connection, like i did this weekend. Which means that i am back to surfing the web on a 7inch notebook that i use to do quickbooks for a friends business. Have you ever tried to use a 7" screen? When you already wear glasses to see??


So now I am trying to write as much as I can while I can. Which means the book is taking precedence over the blog. So life, lets see where it's been going. I am still working at my job, 40 hours a week - still taking training classes along with being on the phone and the pay is still crap.

 I am having a hard time living on it.

i am counting down the days until my daughter gets married - 12- and until my besties come down to my beach house for our annual Oscar's Weekend Extravaganza - 18! Fun , friends and lots of drinking games...

Rainbow Shots

My new drinking fountain...

Battleshots... yes!

I will be trying to make this for fun and games over oscar's weekend. But we'll be doing shots of beer - we are way too old to be doing real shots to this extent. LOL

Yes I am excited about the wedding too, but I don't share a lot about her life on here - so sorry, no details. 

So now I try to get enough sleep since I'm getting up at 5:30 ish and i love staying up for Jimmy Fallon or Craig Ferguson. I usually end up stretching out on the couch to "relax" and falling asleep for a few minutes before I get up and go to bed. Sometimes it's 10:30, sometimes it's 11 but I am tired.

 I set four alarms so I don't over sleep and I manage to get to work 15 minutes early every day.

So as long as I can keep my laptop charged I will be posting a lot more blogs. They are all sketched out and I just need to finish them and post.

Hoping your January and February have been fun and full of love.