Monday, January 17, 2011

Time for some awards... and my 5 guilty pleasures. FUN!

So it's time to pay it forward with the "Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award" and reward 3 of the blogs I feel are the ones I run to every day. They are all very different, not necessarily sweet (which is what i like LOL) and full of inspiration and laughs. As I said in my previous blog, i recieved this award from Jewels from Turning 30 - A Journey of Self Exploration  - mad love to ya Jewels! xoxox 

The winners of the award are...

1 - We Are One - written by Ruth with incredible insight and a good dose of inspiration, it follows her successful journey to overcome her depression and not just "survive but thrive". She has an amazing story to tell and she tells it wonderfully. Please check out her blog!

2 - Jersey Girl Gets Real - Michelle is a true jersey girl and so friggin funny I look forward to her words every day. She can be dirty and funny and always seems to get it just right. She's had an issue with certain blog followers so she's made her blog private. Send her an email tho and she will approve you to be able to read it. (as long as you aren't one of her sisters or her cyber stalker lol) Comment below and I will forward you her email. Her blog is well worth the extra step!

3 - The Hale Family-you just gotta laugh - written by Jen, who is new to the blogging game, you will be amused, amazed and inspired. Jen and her husband have 8 beautiful happy kids from 18 yrs old to under a year, and this blog is filled with her stories of how to manage life with a smile and a sense of humor. Whether you have kids or not, are a mom or a dad or single without kids Jen's stories will warm your heart and give you a great positive perspective on what life throws at us.

3 very different but wonderful blogs that I am sending this award to. Please pay them a visit and let them know you stopped by. Follow them if you like what you read...and i know you will like what you read. ladies, thank you for keeping me entertained, inspired and always being the blogs that I run to every day to read!


#1 - Certain Reality TV- now most reality TV doesn't thrill me but there are 2 shows that I consider guilty pleasures. The Real housewives franchise (but only NYC, Jersey & Bev Hills) and Jersey Shore. Nothing better then losing yourself for an hour in what can only be described as a semi fake, semi real soap opera in real life. I love the drama and the fights and the laughter they bring me.

#2 - Lazy Days - As a single mom since 1996, lazy days were not in my vocabulary. I was always working full time plus one or two part time jobs just to make ends meet. Then taking care of the house, my daughter and her schedule. So now, w/ no FT job, and a daughter that is 24 I have the option sometimes for a totally lazy day. Screw the housework, sit on  my but, read a book days. Awesome! (we share this one I see Jewels!)

#3 - Online games - I love to play on line computer games. not the shoot 'em up killing games but match -3, and hidden object adventure games. I also love the Diner Dash games as well. I belong to BigFish Games and for $6.99 a month, I get to try any or all the games for an hour for free and then buy one each month. It's a well worth it expense. Give them a look Big Fish Games

#4 - Easy Cheese - yep, one of my favorite guilty pleasures to munch on  is Kraft's Sharp Cheddar cheese in a can. It's not caviar but it's damn good. I love it on certain crackers, hot dogs and it's banging on baked potatoes too. No nutritional value but who cares. These are guilty pleasures after all...

#5 - Gossip Websites - There are a ton of them out there but I am addicted to 4 of them. They are fun and funny and snarky and intelligent. I love them!! Here is the list of the 4  - I'm Bringing Blogging Back written by a Boston boy living in New York who is quite literally - hysterical! I love Pat's sense of humor and got hooked on his blog when he used to recap The Hills. Crazy Days and Nights - an entertainment lawyer living in Los Angeles, Enty remains anonymous but always has the best gossip. He is also snarky and funny and has a heart of gold.  DListed - ohhh Michael K, you flame with the best of them and make me laugh until I cry. You have just got to read him to understand. Such A Funny Bitch he be! And last but not least is Lainey Gossip - lainey works for CTv in Canada - (like our E! network) so she's always at the parties and the red carpets. But she funny as hell and has the best Gossip around.
So there they are, just 5 of my many guilty pleasures. I didn't even get to Girly Porn, NCIS marathons or boardwalk fries w/ a shit load of vinegar. But those I will save for another day. So go visit the sites I awarded and see for yourself. 


  1. Thanks Stacey. I appreciate your support.

  2. Why thank you Stacey for the shout out, again. You deserved it. I was bummed to try and visit Jersey Girl Gets Real---cause I love me a good Jersey girl...some of my best friends are Jersey girls...and it's by invite only...I feel so un-loved. haha.
    Hope you has a great Monday and stay safe if you have to head out tomorrow in the snow and ice. What a wintery clusterf***k!

  3. OMG Stacey! I can't thank you enough! Jewels you can email me your email address at and I will send you an invite. I apologize for the inconvenience and am still so bummed that i had to make it private but my whole story is spelled out in the blog.

    Thanks again for the pimp Stacey!

  4. I love the name of your blog, I'll be reading more now that I've discovered you through Ruth :)