Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new kind of SEXY...time to mix it up

So I have noticed, for whatever reason, that my taste in men seems to be changing. I've got a type I guess... or at least a few types. But these guys are different then my past type which was Dark hair, blue eyes, facial hair. I guess as we grow older we change our style. I've always loved a certain few and that won't change - John Stamos, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly from NCIS, and of course... George.
Now here are a few of my new faves...sexy beasts! All of them.

I gotta tell ya - I was never a big Ryan Gosling fan. For whatever reason I don't think I have really even seen him in a movie. He usually does quirky, or sappy roles.... I guess that's what kept him off my radar. BUT now after seeing him in a onesie on Ellen... I am hooked! LOL He's a sexy m'f'er. Even without the onesie! And funny too.

Next is Tim Kang. Who you say? That would be Kimball Cho from the Mentalist!
Damn - there's something about him that gets me. Even when I first saw him in commercials before the Mentalist. And he's built like a brick shithouse... which doesn't hurt a bit.

Number 3 would be Jason O'Mara. A sexy irish boy (accent and all) that you may have seen in Life on Mars or in the Closer. 
I tried to find a clip of him using his real voice but couldn't. Those eyes, those dimples. Sexy! Straight up irish yumminess!

Number 4 is Nathan Fillion. Now on ABC's Castle, one of my favorite shows by the way, but you may know him from Serenity. Or even remember him from 2guys a girl and a pizza place years ago.
A little bit geeky, a lot of sexy and funny as hell. He is probably my favorite! Something about a guy with a sense of humor gets me every time. Oh and those killer guns don't hurt either. Actually, as the Castle opener goes, he really is ruggedly handsome!

Now last, but not least, is Jon Tenney. he's been around the tv world for years.But as Fritzy, Brenda's FBI agent husband on The Closer, he's hot, scruffy and carries a big gun.

Looking like he just rolled out of a very hot bed...I am definitely going to miss him when The Closer finishes up this summer. 

So there you have it, my style changing latest list of some damn fine men. All sexy in there own way and none of them the usual for me. Now to just find one like them that ISN'T on TV every week.

WAIT!!!!!!! I had to add this after the fact - i can't believe I forgot Craig Ferguson!!!
Where was my head? Craig Ferguson sexy Scottish funny man that he is. I know he is on late night but DVR him. So worth it. He's not your usual talk show host. That's for sure - he's irreverent, hysterical and just a wee bit crazy. Add to that the accent and the sexiness and he makes the list! Add to that as well the fact that he's an author - and a good one. Also he's friends with his late night competition, Jimmy Fallon and says Hi to him every night on air.!   

Here's a little number he did for his 4/20/2010 show - a little 4-20 love for the stoners he says always watch him! Instant Classic!


  1. I saw that episode of Ellen and fell in love with Ryan a little bit too. I didn't add him to my last list because he isn't a TV actor...but he is defaintely eat him up yummy!

    Jason is scruptious looking! I have to hear this Irish accent---they slay me!

    You already know how I feel about Nathan. I love that he isn't Hollywood handsome...he's rugged and a bit rough and I like that to the polished and over put together kind of guys.

    Love the list.

  2. Just went to read your blog - I swear I didn't know you did the tv actors thing today! Too funny and esp like! Wow! LOL

  3. All good choices but John Tenney is mine :)

  4. all right there Jersey girl - you can have him. But I am coveting him from a far. LOL

  5. Didn't you forget Jo Koy?

  6. Kel - had to limit it or he would have been on it with steve byrne too.

  7. New here, Thanks to "Jersey Girl".
    I have a different list, but I do find Gosling pretty sexy.
    Great post.