Monday, January 10, 2011

WOOHOO! My blog got an award...

WOW! I got a blog award. it came from one of my fellow bloggers Jewels at Jewels turning 30

Here's what she wrote about it

"This is a blog award for the blog you run to read... the topics of the blog do not need to be "sweet" you just have to be hopelessly addicted to the blog you are awarding it to.   The rules are that you pass it on to 6 other bloggers and then confess 5 of your guilty pleasures. "

So I am extremely honored and more then up for the task of paying it forward. Tho I did find out it's only 3 bloggers instead of 6. I also have many guilty pleasures and have no problem sharing 5 of them with you. Look for that post with the award recipients and the guilty pleasures. I will be posting it later on today. 

For now tho - many Thanks to Jewels, who rocks! Please check out her blog. Jewels Turning 30 She's a fabulous girl who is from this area, loves sports (yay) and writes some damn funny and good blogs. She even drinks occasionally at my favorite bar! I found her blog during a google search while researching the book. She has some of my quotes up on her page...and the rest is history. 

So seriously cool to get this!