Monday, October 1, 2012

E.O.W. K-9 Officer Brad Fox - so much more

K-9 Officer Brad Fox from Plymouth Township, PA was shot and killed in the line of duty on Sept 13th, 2012. His K-9 partner Nick was also shot but after surgery and some excellent veterinarian care, he was able to make Brad's funeral. The waste of skin, Asshole that shot them, hid in tall grass above Brad and Nick and fired 4 bullets, aimed to kill. He then shot himself in the chest...2 times.


After Surgery...

Brad was a 2 tour Iraqi war veteran. A marine... ooorah!

He was a husband.  

He was a father to a beautiful baby girl, and another baby is on the way...

Brad's wife and daughter at the funeral.

Brad was a true American hero - on a traffic stop, then in pursuit of a hit and run suspect that blew thru the accident scene. The above mentioned asshole that ended up running, hiding and killing him.

I've done work, in the past, with the Philly Police Survivors Fund. This time tho, I knew the fallen...
Brad played hockey on a team called the Slugs with my good friend's husband. I've been to games. I've cheered Brad on. I've shared a beer (or 2... or more) with him afterwards (and sometimes before).

Slugs game at the Comcast Spectacor/Well Fargo Center on the Flyer's Ice- 2010

It's a loss that has affected so many people that I care about and it brings home the danger of being a cop. 

The link below is a list of all the different fundraisers that are planned for the next few months to help Brad's wife and kids. Please click on it and see if any of the benefits are in your area.

LIKE the RIP Officer Brad Fox facebook page

Thank a Cop every time you see one. Because they are running in when you are running away.

Brad and court. LMAO

Brad's full honors procession to his grave site.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Congratulations #20

Brian (B-Dawk) Dawkins

BRIAN DAWKINS; Eagles Safety; # 20; B-Dawk; B-dog; my Libran twin...  retired this past April as a Proud Eagle and tonight they retired his number, "20", from the Eagle's Roster and will proudly display it at every game in the Lincoln Financial Field.

He played for the Eagles from '96 to 09 and just so happens to share a birthday with me. Only he is 10 years younger - October 13th , 1973.

So proud to have had his talent on our team! Happy Retirement indeed Brian!

Now win tonight for B-Dawk, Eagles - Kick some Giant Ass!!!