Saturday, November 14, 2015


How to make this Wreath
So here is all you need to make the wreath I made today.

A styrofoam wreath base, 15 feet of thicker tinsel garland - any color you choose, (ours was picked to match the "icing" on the cupcake to keep with the Candyland/Gingerbread house theme) , floral pins ... also called greening pins. That's it.
Cut the garland in half (makes it more manageable) Using a pin, place it an inch from the end of the garland, to attach it to the wreath, push it down until it's flush. Wrap the garland around the wreath, going thru the center... not too loose or too tight, side by side - enough to cover. When you've reached the end of the first garland piece, pin it on to the wreath.
Move the garland around for full coverage and then use 6-8 pins and secure the garland along the wreath in different spots. Push them in flush and fluff the garland, you won't see them.
Attach the next piece of the garland with a pin right next to where the first ended. Wrap and pin as you did with the first length.

Now, you can decorate with anything that you can pin to it... again we are doing a theme so we used candy.
Take 5 starbright mints and attach them by the plastic on the end to a pin. Place them all to the center. 

Find your spot on the wreath, and pin them to it. Push it so it's almost flush, arrange the candy so they are going in different directions and then push again.  
For the candy cane hearts, tape two together as they cross at the bottom. I also cut a piece of wrapping ribbon around them. Then, use 2 pins, arrange them so they are a heart and above the taped area put a pin on each candy cane and push flush. The candy cane will fit into the center of the pin.

Add a bow - I made this one but you can buy one too- and pin it to the wreath through the center. I used two pins for extra strength. Add 3 mints (instead of 5) to another pin and place it in the center for an added decoration.

You can hang it on a large hook or use a piece of ribbon and tie it around the top of the wreath and hang on to a small hook.
It cost, in material, about $13.00. It took me about an hour or so to make it. It will hold up inside or outside for the entire holiday season.