Monday, December 27, 2010

...the BEST is yet to come!

So another Christmas has come and gone. I think a lot of people feel a little bummed after all the planning and the hype, and excitement. Then bam, it's done and you feel sad. Nothing left but the clean up. But this year, for me, I don't feel that. It's different for me for some reason.

This time last year my life was VERY very different. I had a job that I thought was secure. I had a relationship, was in the process of falling in love and I thought that was secure too. My parents were both working and living on the farm. My bills were paid , my life was orderly and i was happy.

Then January came and most of that changed. I lost my job. Laid off thanks to the economy. Apparently when the money is bad the marketing department is the first to get laid off. My relationship changed... and for the most part ended. Tho i would allow it to drag on for another 4 months, I think i knew in my heart he was lying to me and instead of going forward with his divorce and some sort of thing with me, he was starting to think about getting back together with his wife. Which is exactly what happened when I finally pulled the plug in April.

My dad scheduled his knee surgery and was told he would be forced to retire in September of 2010 so my parents rented an apartment around the corner from me in the same building. With no money coming in other then unemployment, i was struggling to even put food on the table. it was a bad month, to say the least.

Then i started working with a life coach who began to point me in the right directions. I started writing my book, which will be published and available for sale before or on my birthday in October of 2011. I developed new friendships, reconnected with old ones and started dating again. Found some fun and some great sex and even better guys then the one I was leaving behind and that helped me move forward and get over him...for the most part.

I love having my parents live so close and enjoy every minute I get to spend with them. Dad seems to be enjoying retirement but seems to be ready to get something part time soon. I've started studying to be a life/business coach myself and look forward to finishing that up and moving forward with that new challenge.

And so as this January roles around, and I put Christmas behind me again, I find an excitement for what's to come. Not a sadness at a another year gone by, but pride at what I have been able to accomplish. I've learned that change is good and freeing and healthy! I have an undeniable sense that the best is yet to come and it's just waiting for me to find it. And find it I will.

So bring on 2011... it's gonna be fantastic!