Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whole lotta shakin' going on...was it good for you??

I have been so remiss in my blog writing and really need to start doing it every day - or at least every other day. I wrote this one the day of the earthquake and never finished it.So I am finishing it now. Then i will write about Irene and how Mother Nature can be a real bitch...Oh and i got a 2nd dog. I will catch you up - don't worry! In the mean time here is- 

Was it good for you??

Sooo it's been a while, but I am pretty sure that the earth moved for me today. You know the saying... if the trailer's a rockin' then don't come a knockin'. Wait .. what?? It moved for you too? WTF? LMAO

Yeah so I am living at the Delaware Beach and the epicenter was in Virginia... sooo we got hit pretty hard today. We were rocking and rolling that's for sure but let's discuss...
I was watching a psychiatrist on tv today who said our minds, when confronted with the unexplained, will filter thru what we know and try to name what we are experiencing. Sort of like a filo-fax in our brains (and if you're too young to know what a filo-fax is.. Google it. Go ahead...I'll wait Are you back yet?) 

So when we are experiencing ummm i don't know let's say an Earthquake, something that we don't know about on the east coast... we try to explain it using what we know from our past in our minds.  So for many people, we were having vertigo, or fainting, or maybe we didn't eat enough and we were light headed. Or perhaps our dog was licking his winkie and we thought he was shaking the couch...yeah... that last one was me. 

I was sitting on the couch writing up a grocery list. let me say that we are dealing with Hurricane Irene down here in Lower slower so it's already defcon 5 on the streets. hence me needing to go to the grocery store. because I needed food... not because ms irene was coming- anyway - i felt the couch shaking and of course immediately blamed jack. I leaned over the couch seat and said Jack chill out and when I did that i almost fell off the couch - ummm not normal.

I looked down the hall and saw the blinds swinging back and forth and then looked at rhe fan and umm yah it was moving. So my brain said " yeah this isn't jack therefore it must be a seizure." simple mind process thought right?

It didn't help that my AC came on at the exact second the shaking started so then my second thought was oh shit my house is going to explode.  yeah i know, to much NCIS. anyway - after I almost fell off the couch and was holding on for dear life,everything was moving... and not in a good way.

So when it finally ended and I sat there, trying to figure out if I had a seizure or if in fact it was an earthquake, I decided to go online and see how often earthquakes actually happen down here in Lower Slower. You can imagine that it's not too often. The the phone starts ringing and the cell texts start coming and here I find out from the kid IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!!

And you can ask her and she'll tell you that the the first thing I said was "Oh thank God... I didn't have a seizure!"  I am so not right LOL!

Hope you all made it thru unscathed... and FYI while I was searching for the picture of the trailer rockin t-shirt I found this little slice of heaven
Bwahahahahahaha!! White Trash Barbie and Ken. Can you stand it?? I. Want. Them. 

and that is all.

Oh wait PSS - here's Jack's new friend Chewy
I just want to bite him he is so damn cute. And he is so much fun!! He makes Jackie act like a puppy! ...more on that in the next blogs.