Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

WOOHOO!! Today's my BIRTHDAY!!
and yes I am one of those birthday lovers. I celebrate it for as long as I can and love to tell everyone it's my day. Not because I want presents or well wishes, but just because it's here. It's the one day out of the year that we can call our own. Our own special holiday. I look at it as the beginning of my new year and look at the past year and look forward to the coming one. 

It is the first time I've been completely alone on my birthday - the first year in a while where I don't get together with my friends and family to catch up and celebrate. But that's ok. I saw my bestie Vern last night - had fabulous Nicola's pizza for dinner and walked on the beach and watched the spectacular crazy waves crashing  on the shore. 

Today I have a job interview at 1 at M & T bank. How can I NOT get the job if it's my birthday?? LOL it's a full time gig with the money I need and something I would be good at so fingers crossed. PLUS the woman who called me to set up the interview... today is her birthday too! LOL it's destiny.

So if you read my previous post Around and around I owe you an update of what I accomplished. I managed everything on the list except for the hallway painting (that's this afternoon) and the screened in porch. Pretty good if I do say so myself. 

So keeping it light and breezy today - here's some fun pictures of a few of my favorite things...
Frankfurt Germany Book Fair
Personally, being the book lover that I am, I like to think that Heaven has a special room that looks just like this!

David in a bathtub
Because seriously, who doesn't like David Boreanaz on a bathtub. I was watching the original pilot of Angel on demand the other night and forgot just how great that show was. Tho I do love him as Seely Booth in Bones, nothing is sexier than that long coat Angel use to strut around in.

mmmmmm Harry Shum jr
Yep, I am a gleek - and proud of it. And this year I am discovering a new lust for Harry here... can you blame me?? 

Love this pic - want the poster to frame and hang up in my house. 

And speaking of Mermaids - i am seriously thinking about making a Mermaid costume (merman?) for Chewy and entering him in the Sea Witch Dog Parade? Would that be wrong? Tacky? Do I care?? LOL nope - not a bit.
yep - something like this...
Oh please, like you wouldn't think it was cute! LOL

found this picture the other day and fell in love with it. it reminds me of the day this past August when Jeff and Vern and I sat on the beach watching the dolphins play for 2 solid hours - 

Think I may head to the beach after my job interview today - maybe have a little one on one time with the ocean. Sounds like a perfect way to spend part of my birthday!

Missing my girls today - Colleen, Kelly and Crystal. Kelly and DaShaun called me this morning and sang me Happy Birthday!! 
I think I will splurge on a bottle of champagne tonight and have a drink for my girlies!

Okay wrapping this up - heading to the shower and then getting ready for my job interview. I hope you all have a fantastic October 13th!! I know that I will!! <3 ~Stacey


  1. Love youuuu have a happpy one, and good luck!!!!! This is what youve been waiting for :-)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! And what an unexpected gift to your followers on your birthday....David and Harry...HELLO! Yum...nothing warms my...uh David does. :)

  3. Thank you Shayzle! love you! it went well and I am thinking positive. Jewels - Thanks! We have such similar tastes and likes it amazes me LOL David rules!!! xoxoxo