Sunday, February 12, 2012


Random thoughts on a windy day...

Maxin and relaxin on a cold and windy Sunday. Getting ready to get a shower WOOHOO - I cheer because my brother fixed my shower for me - big girls should not have to get baths - ya feel me?

Have you seen the commercial for the Dunkin Donuts Chocolate heart donut yet? I'm sorry but if I open up my mailbox and there's a doughnut in there... I am sure as hell NOT taking it out and eating it. LOL Come on!

I am psyched for the Grammy's tonight and curious how they will factor in the death of Whitney Houston. I have faith in LL Cool J and know he will keep it on track and respectful. I would actually like to see him host the Oscars some time. Ladies Love Cool James - did you know that's what LL Cool J stands for?

If I could be built like ANYONE famous would , without a doubt, be Sofia Vergara. not thin, not big just curvy! I think guys find that 100% more sexier than a stick thin woman any day!

 If you are looking for acerbic wit and something that will make you laugh - try Blunt Cards - just hysterical!

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