Friday, May 25, 2012

Stay-cation Log- Day .5

Today starts day one of my 6 day stay-cation. Friday thru next Wednesday I am off from the torture palace(& i only had to use 2 vacation days - ummm I rock)and I am staying here at my happy little beach house for the whole time. Why go away when I live in paradise...well paradise in my mind, the beach in others minds. Plus the kids dog sitting in PA so i can't go home and visit when I have my two beasts anyway.

I have plans people... BIG plans. So many plans I am not sure there are enough days in my stay-cation to accomplish them all, but I will try.

I have beers and margaritas to drink, walls to paint, plants to ... well... plant. I have beaches to lay on and books to read and work for a friend i have to finish. Tv to watch and a pool to hang out in. Seafood to eat, a BBQ I have to master and a drive thru at the new Panera Bread I must use immediately. 

As far as I am concerned, my vacation stated at 8:01 pm last night, when I left the Torture Palace I call work. We'll call Thursday night stay-cation day .5.

Objective - 

With a 12 pack of Corona light, 3 limes, some kick ass 1800 margarita in a bottle, and pineapple juice to mix with my cake vodka, I have effectively managed to channel Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville up in here. I start with a margarita on ice realizing too late that full size corona bottles do not work for Corona-rita's.

Crisis averted, or at least cleaned up, I proceed to the lounge (aka my living room couch) and settle in for some TBS Big Bang Theory  and some new show. I switch to Corona Lights and make it half way thru Jimmy Fallon ... I remember seeing Will Smith at least... and the next thing I know, I wake up on the couch at 6:20am.

I have the sensation of "crap - gotta get up for the torture palace " and than remember AHHHHHHHHHH I am on stay-cation. So I walk the dogs, manage not to fall, and get in bed to sleep the sleep of the wicked until 10:30 am. So far Life is most excellent.

NOTE TO SELF: After consuming 1 Margarita and 2 Corona Lights before passing out on the couch, I must Google the phrase "Party Like a Rock Star" and see if I qualified.


  1. LMAO! i'm jealous of your stay-cation already!! miss you xoxo!

  2. Miss you too sweetie! What's Channing Tatum saying today??

  3. wooohooo for your stay-cation!! This is awesome. I am happy you are walking the dos without falling again lol. Keep sleeping the sleep of the wicked haha. Getting some nice snooze time in is one of my favorite vaca activities!! <3Jamie