Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stay-Cation log Day 1 and 2

SO Friday and Saturday down and I present to you 
Stay-Cation Log 1 & 2 5/25-26...

Friday - I have discovered that i still know how to be lazy. That was the choice for the day. Woke up on the couch thinking went back to bed and slept until 10:30. Spent some time outside with the dogs, sunning myself and letting them lay in the shade. Jack has taken his digging skills to the back of the trailer and crated himself a cool dirt bed. Now I feel like I have to plant flowers there, since he went to the trouble of digging it out. I am planning on setting him loose on my front garden. Digging it up will earn him his kibbles (an bits).

Finished one book - 

and started another - 

LOVE LOVE LOVING them both... makes me want to go to the real Inn Boonsboro and stay there. I think I would choose the Wesley and Buttercup room. 

Or the Nick and Nora room - as in The Thin Man - 

To be able to read about the Inn being built and then see it in real life is way too cool. But there's also the love story the laughs and the mystery. Excellent books!

SATURDAY - Anyway - went to bed around 4am and woke up around noonish... UGH hate wasting a day sleeping. BUT today I managed to fix the vacuum and clean the kitchen so I am on top of things. Watched some NCIS, sat outside with the dogs, Watched Kyle Kendrick pitch a fantastic game and the Phillies won and now heading to bed so I can be up early to plant the flowers.

I must admit - I am feeling a bit lonely. If i had friends down here visiting I would be partying and heading to the beach - sometimes being alone can be a bitch. BUT I am alone at the beach so it evens out. Tomorrow ...on to day 3. 

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  1. I love NCIS. Sounds like a restful way to spend your time.