Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 10 of 30 day bc - The person i get in the most trouble with...

Day 10 - post a picture of the person you do the most messed up stuff with.

Day 10 annnnnndddd i think I may be finally caught up. So I can go back to one post a day plus my regular blog. My book is lonely waiting for me to write more of it LOL. 

So I have to admit - I really don't do too much "messed up" stuff any more - actually I never really did. So I am going to change this challenge day a little. I have had some late night drunken fun with my friends so I thought I would post some of them up here. Not really messed up stuff but it'll work. 

So you've all met Bob, Kent, my cousin Barb and Vern and Jeff. Here's some other folks I am proud to call friends that I may have had a beer or two with thru out the days...(sarcasm font needed again for that beer or two line )

Jimmy and Alex Bilotta

Many a late, late night has been spent with the Bilotta's at the Blarney Stone. Sometimes together, sometimes individual, but always a great time! 
At the Bilotta bar
They don't call the stone wall outside of the Blarney the Bilotta Bar for nothing and I am officially too old to drink outside until 5am... but I still do it sometimes anyway.
Me and Alex
And their wedding? Filled with late night hijinks. The Mendenhall had no idea what they were in for.
Dave, Nicole, Missi, Steve and Ron

Oh boy this crew is trouble just waiting to happen. Back in the day when Missi was dating Steve and Nicole and I were out all the time (pre meeting Dave) we were a force to be reckoned with. Late night stalker drive by's and girls nights with one of us Dj'ing our cd's (now Ipods) and discussing the meaning behind each song. Damn we had some serious fun. I miss those days but love that my girls are happy and in love.
Me, Aimee and Nicole

When Aimee turned 21 she got into the mix and has become over the years, the DJ MixMaster. So add her into the crew above as well. Love me some girl nights!

The Blarney stone girls - circa 2000
Leigh, Me, Sue, Dana,Ashley & Stacy O (becky's missing form this pic)

And speaking of Old School and Back in the day - here's the crew from the Blarney Stone when we all worked there in 2000,2001. No one has more fun then servers and bartenders when they get together. All these single ladies (not counting Stacy O on the right end) are now married and most have babies too. (not rushing you dana...LOL)
I can't forget Joe O

many a fun night with Joe - whether he's behind the bar serving, in the bar stool drinking or way back in the day... cooking wings while me, Becky, Dana or Ashley were serving.
Pete and Bobby O

And hell since we're back in the day, many a night of trouble with these two was had. Ahhh Good times.

Carrie and Mike

It's not a football game, a New Years Eve or a random friday without including Mike and Carrrie in the mix. I'd put Petey up here too but he's shy! I've had some great times and many a car bomb with this beautiful couple!
Janet and Mike

Coming back to present day with Janet and Mike. Many a fun late night, sporting event or quizzo game with this wonderful couple too!
Did someone say carbomb's Janet?

Tami and Me

Ahhhh my girl Tami. when we go out, it's always a good time and even when we stay in we have fun. she's heading to the beach with us for Oscars this year also. An Oscars Weekend virgin... Look for some good pics! Love you Tami!
Jenn, me and Doug

Many a fun time with these two lovebirds. One of my favorite couples and I love going out and catching up with them. Tho they never stay out too late... ahhh to be young and in love LOL. 
Me and Dre

Last but certainly not least is my girl Dre. We behave when we go out but we do have some fun.  

So there's a partial cast of characters that I have a ball (or used to have) a ball with. Actually I guess I could have done this and just put up one picture of the Blarney Stone... 

But that wouldn't have been as much fun.

PS: if you think I left your picture out (don ruberti) it's only because I don't have one. LOL


  1. SERIOUSLY....how have we never run into eachother there!? I see so many faces in those pictures that I recognize! Okay...not SO many...but enough! Gotta love Joe O. hahaha. I really must visit that place again soon. Drinks!?