Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 11 of 30 day BC - Something I hate

Day 11 - Post a picture of something you hate.

Hate is a strong word. I try not to let myself feel that emotion - strongly dislike is better. Hate is sorta self destructive. That said, I hate clowns! But I sure as hell was not going to spend time on google looking for clown pictures. I mean really.... anxiety attack anyone?

I also hate prejudice. Bigots and homophobes and racists - oh my. But how do you find a picture of that?

I hate violence against women. Wife-beaters, girl hitters, abusive, controlling pricks. but who wants to see a picture of that?

So I decided I would post a picture of something that relates to all 3 of these things - a picture of the homophobic, women-hating clowns from Westboro Baptist church. You know them... they are the ones that picket at military funerals and police funerals and even children's funerals. The ones that say God hates us all , blah blah blah. These folks are the bottom of the bottom. So here ya go a picture of something I hate!

I feel dirty and wrong just writing about them. 


  1. Hate is not a strong enough word for those D-Bags! I dont wish bad things on people (OK, people not named Andy Ried) but those jack asses should spend the rest of their pityful lives covered in sores and being sodemized by mountain gorillias!

  2. Hahahahahahaha! "sodemized by mountain gorillias!" Those poor poor mountain gorillas!

  3. I try to never use the work hate-even when kidding around...but hate does apply to these people who only feel joy and happiness when making other people miserable and putting them down. People like that make me sick and don't deserve to breathe the same air I do.

    Even the mountain gorillas are too good for them. *gags*

  4. Sometimes people do something. This is the article about the angels that lined the street and surrounded the protesters so the people at the funeral wouldn't see them.

  5. So right Ruth. I have also seen motorcycle gangs patrol at the police funerals so that Westboro isn't an issue. Love it!! Thanks for the link!

  6. The fact that they tried to protest in front of Christina Green's funeral in AZ is absolutely disgusting. I know that AZ was trying to push a quick law through to stop protests at funerals but I never heard if that happened and if they were able to stop those a-holes from protesting.

  7. Oh ugh Jamie - really? That poor family. Like they needed that?