Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 8 of 30 day BC - A picture that makes me laugh

Day 8 - Post a picture that makes you laugh.

Ahhh a personal picture that never ever fails to make me laugh. There is actually 2 of them and they have the same person in both of them. That person would be one of my best friends, Kent.

Pic # 1 - 
yes, that would be Kent, Halloween 2002, dressed as a clown. We had a halloween party in the clubhouse and he decided to surprise me. Look at my face! Think I was surprised?? LOL  Yeah every time I see this I cringe from the clown face and then laugh at mine. And at Kent being such a fool.

Pic #2 -
 HAhahahaha! This one, summer of 2006 and we were at the shore. We had gone down to my friend Nicole's beach house in Ocean City , New Jersey and on this night had been out at an outside bar somewhere off of 9 in the shore area - Wildwood maybe?. Don't remember where tho. My summer of Nirvana - I was working for SMRG as a marketing coordinator and driving a black Mercedes as my company car. This is Kent in the back seat, seat dancing to Christina Aguliara - Ain't no other man ! My God, I remember this like it was yesterday... and I still laugh every single time I think about it. 

Kent never fails to make me laugh! I am lucky friend!

Oh and cause I know you won't be able to sit still when this song plays either, here it is... enjoy the jam!

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