Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another trip down memory lane...

I have been searching, finding and typing up my old poems for the book this week. I wasn't going to add them at first - and they may still not make the cut - but I have to include them in this phase of writing. Plus it's nice to get them off of paper and into the computer.

I find myself saying over and over "If only I had Microsoft Office instead of Open Office". Open office was free tho and Microsoft Office, as we all know , is not.  So for now I use the bare bones Open Office to write. Problem being, nothing recognizes the open office file names. So I can't even up date my resume, let alone transfer my book into a program. I am hoping that when I eventually get Microsoft Office, I can just cut and paste from what I have typed up so far directly into Word. It's either that or I start looking for writers software.  Hmmm, well anyway, sorry, I digress. 

Poems are what we're talking about. So here is a piece of one, that I wrote in October of '96. It's actually quote romantic as I read it again. And funnily enough... wait - is "funnily"  a word? hmm maybe I should say  - And oddly enough, these words still ring true to me today. It's what I search for when I am in a relationship. It's what will rock my world when I find it.

  " I've never even touched you,
but if I close my eyes and see with my heart,
  I know exactly how you feel.
I hear your voice
  and I feel as if I have heard it forever.
You are so new to me, 
  but you're not.
I think my heart knew you,
  before I even saw your face."
~Stacey Gates Charter

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