Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mumford & Sons

I put some of these up on Facebook but i had to put them on the blog too. For some reason I just love these guys and all their music speaks to me. I think they sound Irish but they are from England.  the words to this one struck very close to home... just awesome!

Next ones called the Cave. This one is my daughters favorites!

and now the last one is the the first song I heard them sing. I love it and can't ever get it out of my head!

Now i need to go listen to some Irish music LOL!


  1. I absolutely love them as well. I have posted several of their songs on my "song of the day" blogs. I have the cd in my car and the children I nanny for it (who are 3,6,8, and 10) all sing it now! haha. They are absolutely amazing. I told somebody the other day...every one of their songs sounds like a prayer. They just move me.

    I especially love White Blank Pages and Winter Winds.

    Check out my blogs on Mumford & Sons when you get a chance. They can be found at:


    I hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend. What great weather we are experiencing! Makes it hard to stay in and write when all I want to do is being running around outdoors. :-)

  2. Jewels - I will do that while I am on here. YES! Isn't it fabulous when music moves you like that? I've been a bit of a hermit this weekend but will be taking a long drive this morning. Walking the dog has been wonderful in this weather tho and I can't get him in LOL. Hope your weekend is going great!