Monday, November 15, 2010

A little change is good... a lot of change is Fan-friggin-tastic!

“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”~Rosanne Cash

Soooo I changed the blog background etc. You likey? Time to try on something new. It doesn't make my butt look big does it? My old set up was messing up the videos and had a lot of empty space so I wanted to widen things up.

Also, on Wednesday... you ready for this? I am buying my domain name for the book website! WOOHOO!!! I spent some time doing research this weekend and found the webhost AND my domain name is available. I will be going DOT COM baby!!! Very exciting!

This of course means that I have to stick with the name of the book I have chosen which is so friggin final but okay too. I haven't thought about calling it anything else in the past 9 months so I guess the name will stick.

Now I have to decide if I should move everything over to the dot-com site or keep it totally separate for the book. That's a whole other decision I am not prepared to make right now LOL. God forbid I over tax myself.

I am also going to buy as well. Not sure what I am doing with that one yet. And in case you were wondering, umm no, I did not win the lottery. My webhost (as most web hosts are) is extremely affordable. Like, $3.50 a month affordable. which is what...$42.00 bucks a year. Or $84.00 a year for both sites. It will be my Christmas present to myself! I am going with one of the top 10 web hosts available and am very excited! I will tell more about the host and the domain name once the deal is done... Promise!

Hey what can I say I'm Irish and don't want to jinx anything. We are a superstitious group.

That means I will have 2 websites, this blog (if i don't convert it over), my personal Facebook page and my Spread the Positivity Now Facebook page. WHEW!!  It also means this weekend coming up will be full of website design and writing. Which is a great thing since I will be heading to the beach from Friday thru Monday. Then with a little luck I will also be at the beach for the weekend after Thanksgiving as well.

So the times, they are a changin' and it's a wonderful thing!!

Change is the essence of life.Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” ~Unknown

...and that quote just about says it all, doesn't it?


  1. How exciting. Congrats. :-) I just purchased my own domain name as well. Unlike you I have no book in the works, just the blind optomism that something will some day come of all this. :-)

    Can't wait for the book website. :-) Keep us posted.

  2. Great suggestion. I was just asked tonight what I want for Christmas. Now I know. This is such an awesome idea. BTW I like the color and format change. Looking good. I'll look forward to new stuff as time permits. Holidays are exciting but tend to mess up timelines.

  3. Ruth - yes a great thing to ask for! I am going with IPage. tho i also looked at They were both on the top 10 list of web hosting sites Dont choose tho - it's 2x as expensive and does not provide an ssl certificate. you have to buy it seperately. Also - in answer toyour copyright worries, put at the bottom or top of your blog, somewhere all will see - all written word on this blog is copyrighted. Then you can scare them away or really copyright the blog itself (not too expensive) And thanks!! I am trying to promise myself to stay on track! LOL

  4. Jewels - thanks!! Google "turning your blog into a book" and take a look at what pops up - interesting stuff. i looked at that before I decided to publish the quotes etc. And nothing wrong with blind optimism! Keeps the negative gremlins away! : )