Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random thoughts, beer, evil men and fabulous hair...

Oh it is late and I should so be in bed but I am trying to stick to my blog schedule and  i realize I haven't written anything since Monday Night so here it is 1:17 am and I am slightly , mildly buzzed and I am writing my blog. Hmmm. What random things can I discuss tonight that I will regret in the morning. LOL very few things experienced in my life, buzzed at night, have been regretted in the morning. What can I say, I make great late night buzzed decisions. 

So got the hair did and my girl Kelly McMahon at Hair Cuttery in West Goshen hooked it up. Something about a fabulous new sexy haircut that makes a woman feel fabulous. I hated my hair - very MOM like.... and I needed a sexy new flirty cut. Lots of layers etc. She did a fantastic job and I LOVE IT! Tho of course i haven't done it myself yet so hopefully I can pull off the look on my own.

Heard from a friend tonight who's far away and I miss him. It was nice to hear his voice! Would have been better to see him in the flesh... so to speak... but alas not to be. 

Looking forward so much to going away to the beach this weekend. No kid, no dog (tho i love them both) and 4 days to simply be. To write, to think, to breathe. I need it. I deserve it... and it's the beach so of course I crave it. Hoping my girl Tami stops down for the night - do some adult art therapy (aka jigsaw puzzles and coloring books) drink some wine. It's the little things. Spending some time with mom and dad which is always a great thing.

Also YAY ME - celebrated the new website tonight - Wow - I am still a bit blown away about the realness of it. Dealing with the building of it, the SEO words to make it show up on google and yahoo search engines. But that's part of what I used to do at my last job so I have a bit of an idea of how to make it work. I am lucky to have some fantastic and supportive friends. Friends who believe in me and say woohoo! BUT... Still get the looks and the "Really's?" and WTF's?? from people in my life who have no idea what I have been doing., I like to see the surprise in their eyes, and the doubt. The doubt fuels me. Yep I am writing a book... surprise. Yep, got a website... and building it myself - imagine that.  I love it. It's almost like a challenge from the doubters, to prove them wrong. But then I don't spend too much energy worrying about that. I know what I can do. I know what I have lived thru, survived in my life. And yet I still thrive. So yeah, I don't worry about the doubters. They will be the ones who say 'Hey give me a book for free. I don't want to buy it... I was behind you all along'. Sure okay. 

And speaking of surviving  - Out for happy hour tonight - which is an unusual occurrence. I usually head out after 8. I like to do it every now and then so I can catch up with the regulars at the Stone. Such great people... and who shows up while I am riding high on my fabulous hair and my brand new baby ...I mean website but the EVIL ONE. Yes THAT evil one. You know the guy that tried to kill me and then stalked me for a year... The one I hid from for 3 years...yeah, I guess he randomly stops into the Blarney and tonight was one of his nights. But you know what? I didn't panic. My heart didn't race (well a little but not a lot). I didn't have an anxiety attack... in fact I didn't even tell anyone. I sat in my seat and laughed at jokes and talked across the bar. And then my phone rang - my far away friend I mentioned above. And I went outside to talk to him, oblivious to the asshole in the bar. And who folllows me out but said evil asshole. But guess what? I pretended to ignore him and I talked to my friend. And as I hung up and went to walk inside I saw him heading towards me. No one else there, just me and the guy who tried to kill me... and I hung up my cell and opened the door and walked inside. And I never saw the evil one again. I guess he left... 

But I didn't care, because I had my friends and my book and my website and my fabulous hair. And the song in my head that kept playing ... ♫ ain't nothing gonna break my stride, ain't nothing gonna slow me down....♫ 


  1. Can't wait to see your hair! I bet it looks amazing!! And OMG I'm so salty that he showed up at the Stone, but glad you were able to handle it. Asshole. Anyway... have fun this weekend!

  2. Congrats on the website!!! I can't wait to come to a book signing. :-)

    As for the crazy guy...I sure as shit hope he doesn't go to the Blarney Stone on west chester pike in West Chester...cause then I have to stop going there and that would be a crying shame!

  3. Damn Jewels - you go to the blarney stone too? This is too funny!! I worked there for 5 years and when I go out it's usually to the stone because I know everyone there. HAHAHAHA! we've probably been drinking there together and didn't even realize it! As for crazy guy he wasn't allowed in there for years. But pops in every now and then to make my life miserable - except now I don't let him ruin it for me and he leaves. i never worry in there - half the bar has n=my back.

  4. I go there a lot, yes. I love that bar. In fact I have honored a couple of the bartenders on my blog about men with facial hair. hahaha. You should check it out.

    I have spent many a night there closing the place down. The bartenders are all awesome and the atmosphere is great. I used to know a lot of the staff and regulars but it's been a while since I've been there.

    I am sure we have been drinking together and never knew it. It's a great bar and I love going there to take in a new band and the crowd is always wonderful!