Wednesday, July 25, 2012

...and so I write

So I gave myself 20 minutes to fall asleep and obviously, that did not work out as I planned. I am breaking up with my Gallbladder tomorrow morning, the abusive bastard, 
and I am 
A) nervous?
B) Stressed? 
C) Afraid I will oversleep since i have to be up at 4am?  
D) All of the above!

If you chose D than ding ding ding YOU ARE A WINNER!!

tossin' turnin' and the tell all sign? My toes move...constantly. I don't even know I am doing it half the time. Ahhh we all have our little quirks now, don't we?  

Last time I had general anesthesia, back in 1992, I woke up on the table before they were done the surgery... well I think they were done the surgery, but I was still intubated and they were still standing at the table. UGH - I finally managed to move the hand that had the oxygen thing on it and hit somebody with it...longer story for another time (or i will freak myself out) - So obviously - since all my other surgeries have always been twi-lights I am the most nervous about the General A.
The procedure...the green monster is the Gallbladder

I've been on a no carb diet for the past 3 days so that my "liver is flexible"...Right? I know! That's what they said, I swear. Anyway, At this point, as I have said  for three days...

I would knock over a Nun for a piece of bread or some french fries
(my friend from work made this for me LMAO)

So i am hungry - but it could have been worse. Some docs want 3 day clear liquid diet before surgery... so I am lucky. Can't drink anything from 10pm last night thru surgery... and of course I am just dying of thirst... lol I mean I must be dehydrated right? Yeah, drama queen-ish - I got over it tho when I realized if I went to bed at 11 and slept til 8 I wouldn't be eating or drinking anything either... Kinda puts it in perspective. 

Pink 06/2012 in recovery after her Gallbladder removal

It can't be that bad right? I mean it's the USA's most common surgery. Look at Pink above, in recovery after her GB surgery, feeling no pain. PLUS my surgeon is hot!! He looks like Michael Rivkin from NCIS - remember him? Ziva's boyfriend that Tony killed?

Yep, my surgeon looks like this...

Mom and Pop's are here to take care of me and the dogs. (The kid doesn't get vacation and I didn't want her missing any pay) Then my bother,sister in law and niece will be at my mom and pop's place down the street and 2 of my favorite girls here at my place for the weekend. 
I'll be out of work for 15 days, with vicodin for the pain... (I could use the vicodin for the pain of work LOL)...I got this.

So I will keep myself busy, write a bit and play a game. Then before I know it off to the hospital I go. 

Still a little sleep would have been nice tonight...

...and so I write.

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  1. I hope everything comes out OK. I know that is terrible. Another perspective, you have plenty of time to sleep over the next few days. Take care.