Monday, July 16, 2012

No complaining+10 days= a happier me

This is what I am doing starting today and for the next ten days...So click on the FB link and sign up to join me...your positive mind will thank you!

Live Complaint Free 10 day challenge

Can you make it ten days without complaining and whining? Let's all give it our best effort and see what we can accomplish. It will be a wonderful exercise in gratitude. 

A few people have asked me to differentiate between observing negative phenomenon and complaining, or to distinguish between asking advise versus complaining. To this I will simply say that this event is a personal journey, so define it as you see fit for yourself.



As we go into our Complaint-Free Ten Day Challenge, try to recognise the thought patterns and activities that you are engaging in. If nothing else, this challenge will help you wake up to what you are actually like. In the end, this is as significant or pointless as you deem.

A few ideas:

Define your personal goal with this. Not to guilt-trip yourself later, but so you are clear about what you would like to accomplish in this exercise. There are no wrong answers here.

Have a coping strategy. You are still going to have times where you are stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. What are you going to do instead? Reframe? Pray or chant? Paint? Listen to music? Try to find something that will help you in the long run.

Try to be accepting of others. Their experience is not your own. Note it in your mind, if the issue is so persistent, and let it go.

Take it easy on yourself. As with a diet, messing up here and again is completely normal. Hop right back on, don’t write the entire day (or whole challenge) off just because you did a little backslide. We do not have to be the most rigid on this – we are the ones choosing how “deeply” to get involved.

Give yourself a time-out or break. Consider giving yourself a “Complaint Ticket” during this exercise. (This is a free pass to do five minutes of complaining. When you feel ready to complain, ask yourself if you want to use the ticket on this incident. Chances are, you’ll want to leave it for another time.) We are quitting this cold turkey, it won’t always be easy!

If you can’t make it through the entire experience, that is okay too. We are just trying something out. I know I am going to struggle with it at times. It is a million times better to try and fail than never even attempt it to begin with! There is no need to add guilt into the mix.

Feel free to share your experiences with the board throughout the journey. Good and bad, it will be interesting to know what others faced. I look forward to reading them!

I wish you a very peaceful and revealing time.


I am anxious to see what my go to solution is when I want to complain. 

But I am ready to rock 'n roll with the positivity my peeps! Can I get a what what!???? 


  1. This is an interesting idea. Not sure I am up to the challenge yet. Sitting hear thinking about it...maybe I complain more than I thought I did. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Ruth - I know I do... I am finding it out today. BUT I am also finding that i am grinding my teeth instead of complaining and my jaw is in spasm. LOL Not a complaint... statement of fact.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed my event! I'd love to hear about your experiences with it.