Monday, April 18, 2011

TOEMAGEDDON.... Really people???

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard about this... the picture in the J Crew ad of the mom and her son, and her son has pink toenails. Nothing like a little pink nail polish to set off the right wing homophobic peeps. Really?? It amazes me that people think that a little polish is a statement about trans-gender children... Trans-gender children? Good God! It's a mom and her son having fun.This child doesn't see the sexual rules drawn in the sand yet. He has no clue that these bias's exist... all he see's is some quality time with mom, doing something she does all the time. Jon Stewart said it perfectly - if this little boy goes to a fair and gets his face painted like a cat, does that mean he's a cat trapped in a little boys body?? Good Lord people lighten the frig up!! FYI If you are on FaceBook look up Pink Piggies. It's a new facebook page celebrating the beautiful individual-ness of us all!

 Here's Jon Stewart's take on... TOEMAGEDDON!!!


  1. I am totally stunned. I will never stop being amazed at just how small minded and ridiculous some people can be. I love Jon's reaction to it though! haha.

  2. The clip is hysterically funny. Thank you for spreading another perspective. My thoughts on this is let them play. Good grief.