Monday, April 25, 2011

Randoms thoughts from a sleepy mind

I had sewing all weekend from my friend- no professional football stiff this time,but I think high school ball maybe. Over 800 2 inch letters that needed to be sewn on nameplates. With Easter coming this weekend and losing most of yesterday, I ended up staying up all night to finish up. I could have gone to sleep at 4ish but was afraid I wouldn't wake up to deliver the stuff so i took my time and made my delivery. Any way , the point is my mind is tired. I went to bed around 10am and I slept for 3 or so hours and am dragging now.  Not complaining... just explaining. My  ramblings may sound strange and now you'll know why...

Hoping, for those who celebrate it, that a wonderful Easter was had by all. We were blessed with 82 degree sunny weather here in SE PA and spent it at my brothers house in Ephrata. We did the egg hunt inside, (no yard) but the kids still loved it.

Being up all night, and having the tv on when I took breaks or was clipping my sewing I have come to the conclusion that the only people who are awake after 3am are people who are either 1) unemployed. 2) overweight or suffering from some sort of sexual dysfunction, 3) willing to talk to strangers on the phone that they think are really great looking when in reality we know are stay at home grandmom's filing their nails while offering titillating conversation. LOL
Seriously??? LMAO

I am finding myself getting caught up in the Royal Wedding hoopla. Not sure why - other then the fact that I watched Princess Di and Charles get married the summer after I graduated from high school (aka when I still believed in Prince Charming) and was home on maternity leave 5 years later when Fergie and Andrew got married and watched that as well. So I will be up at the butt crack of before dawn to watch  Prince William and Kate. -probably the only royal wedding where the participants are actually in love. And I am not ashamed to say that I am really looking forward to it.
I am caught up in the details... the pomp and circumstance. I want to see the dress, the flowers, the crowds. Anyone with me??


  1. My kids would hide the Easter eggs in the house for a week after Easter. It is fun plus there are awesome hiding places. I have done the all night sewing thing for plays. The TV watching at that hour can be just...un-describable. Conversation can be pretty odd too if I am up sewing with someone. Enjoy the wedding. I will sleep for you. :)

  2. HAHA Ruth - that's what they were doing the rest of the day, hiding and re-hiding the eggs. Loved watching them. For the wedding the tough choice will be what channel to watch. My daughter and I are going to cat nap and then wake up to mimosa's, munchees and the wedding of the century. Thanks for getting some sleep for me! xoxo