Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big Pimpin...

I recently found this website via Facebook. Bluntcards... nasty, mean, hysterically funny retro cards to share. I just love it and each one makes me laugh my ass off. Here are a few of my favorites...

They remind me of Anne Taintor stuff. Which I've loved for years. Here's some of her's -

Anne's stuff is geared more towards woman and is equally great! Click on either or both links to visit the websites. Be prepared to lose an hour or more going thru all the fun stuff! 

Now I'm going to pimp something even nearer and dearer to my heart. If you are a regular reader you know I have a daughter and she has two best friends that have been in her life since she was in middle school. Crystal and Colleen... my adopted daughters! I am a proud Ma today (actually every day but...) as I Pimp out Colleen's new Etsy storefront website. Col's so talented in many ways and she's now selling her beautiful hair barrettes and accessories on-line. 
They are bright and summery and perfect no matter what your age. They would make perfect hair clips for  bridesmaids or take away gifts for a little girl's birthday party. And they are so affordable... $4.00! I've already bought some for my nieces! 
I love how she's given them names as well. Like Coach handbags! So friggin cute! I am hoping to talk her into a Stacey LOL oooo and a Kate for the new Princess would be fabulous. Anyway, go check the website out, again, link is above, and see the whole collection. She'll be adding more as she gets them done. Ahhh I am a proud Mama! 

Pimping complete for now. Happy Hump day!


  1. Hahaha you know me so well! I totally got the name idea from Coach! Thanks so much for all the love!!! <3

  2. Love your blunt cards! Those clips are adorable.

  3. Take a left at Whoreville...LMAO!