Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Play Ball

"Don't tell me about the world.  Not today.  It's springtime and they're knocking baseball around fields where the grass is damp and green in the morning and the kids are trying to hit the curve ball."  ~Pete Hamill

April 1st , opening day of Major League Baseball!! The day that die hards, including me, have waited for all fall & winter. If you read the blog regularly, or know me personally, then you know I am a Phillies fan. Have been since I was old enough to understand the game...6 years old or so. 

But I am not only a Phillies fan, I am a baseball fan as well. I know it, I understand it, I can keep the books if I need to, or want to... But I would rather just watch the plays unfold. 

The Phil's don't play until Friday at 1:05 and I will be front and center, barring any bitchiness from mother nature(they were calling for snow... I KNOW!). I won't be at the actual game but I will be on my favorite barstool, eating a dollar dog and drinking a miller lite when the first pitch is thrown. Sooo excited!

With everything going on in the world right now; the horribleness that is Japan getting worse every day, Libya, Afghanistan, scariness here at home ... baseball is needed right now more than ever.   

"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come."

So like a little kid on Christmas Eve, I  wait for those final two words of the Star Spangled Banner, or at least the final two that I always remember..." PLAY BALL!"

"There are three things in my life which I really love:  God, my family, and baseball.  The only problem - once baseball season starts, I change the order around a bit."  ~Al Gallagher, 1971

The Phanatic and Harry Kalas
and PS: I still miss Harry ... way too much!


  1. Aww. It was Harry's Birthday over the weekend and I thought of him. :-( Phillies baseball will just never be the same without him. I am super excited for Friday. I am jealous that you won't be at work (as I will be) for the opening pitch. I'll be watching but unable to drink since I'll be caring for kids. That and this damned "get healthy" nonsense that has me not drinking.

    It's going to be a great season! I just know it!!

    PS-totally pimp you on Friday in my blog post. *Yes I cheated and already wrote it* but you turned up in a search keyword that I took a picture of and posted. haha. No worries-it isn't bad...but check it out come Friday.

  2. I'm a Brewers fan and am also super excited for the season. We have partial season tickets and have been looking forward to the season for awhile. There is also a chance for snow here and people are not happy. I'm just excited to be sitting at a ballpark this summer.

  3. Thought you would like this:
    A teacher asked her students what the last words of the Star Spangled Banner were. From the back of the class a kid piped up, "Play Ball."
    Hope the snow holds off until after the game. Enjoy.