Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 16 - someone who inspires you

Day 16 - Post a picture of someone who inspires you. 

               BEFORE                                              AFTER
This is my friend Tony, Anthony Stefos DJ extraordinairre' He's been on Isagenix since September and these pictures show him after a 90lb weight loss. He is such an inspiration! Soon I will have the money together so that I can get my 30 day supply and I will be following in his footsteps. 

Tony is the person who inspires me!


  1. Never heard of Isagenix. I'm kicking my ass at Zumba 3x's a week and eating nothing but salad. Any help would be awesome but I don't do well with weight loss meds that have stimulants in it. I tried that Metabalife a while back and felt like I was on speed (which I honestly don't know what it feels like but you get the idea). I was awake for 48 hours, cleaning and bugging out. I'm nervous about weight loss meds. I'll have to research it. GO Tony!

  2. Hurray for Tony and good luck Stacy.

  3. awww thanks ladies! Jewels- no stimulants in Isagenix. It's a nutritional cleanse system but you eat with it and it gives you such great energy with vitamins and nutrients. here's the link to the system I am going to do - the one tony does -

    If you think you areinterested let me know - i will give you Tony's number and he can explain more and get it for ya. YAY Zumba btw I heard that was so much fun. xoxoxo