Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 15 - the return to the daily blog - a bucket list item

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die.

This one was tough. Don't we all have so many things we want to do, items on our bucket list so to speak. I want to graduate from college. I want to write books. I want to be rich. I want to find a long lasting, loving, healthy and secure relationship. Funny how I put that 4th on the list... funny how I felt the need to even add it to the list at all. Most expect that a relationship will simply happen. 

Anyway, before I die I would like to own and run an Irish pub. I would call it Potter's Public House (Potter is a family name)  Or O'Neills Public House (my grandmom's maiden name). I would run it and bartend and have my friends work there with me. it would be a place where everyone would feel welcome, with music and good food and even better drinks.
Looks like the name is a popular one. BUT I would stick to the Public House part...give's it an old country Irish feel I think. 
I'd know how to market the hell out of it too. I would look into the background of the most popular pubs in Ireland and incorporate the best of the best into my own. So that's my bucket list item.

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  1. Love it! I have a bucket list, too. I want to open a cafe' called "Have a Nice Day Cafe'" which would have light sandwiches and appetizers along with a coffee and tea bar during the would be a must and I have ideas for certain days featuring certain things like Beatles Day, Reggae Day, Mozart's birthday celebration, etc... At night there would be dancing to 70's one night and country night, etc... I would love to go to yours and would welcome you to visit mine and feel the "vibe"!!! :)