Monday, February 7, 2011

The Infamous Oscar Beach Weekends...

17 days and counting until I go away for another Oscar's Beach Weekend. Here's just a taste of what the weekend is about.

 It's been a tradition of mine (ours, including my friends) for many years, maybe 13 or 14??. Probably since my parents bought their first beach house in Rehoboth. I'm not sure how it started but it's been something I look forward to every year. 

It has evolved and changed over the years, with a different cast of characters and usually a virgin or two. But the basics have always remained the same. In the middle of winter, a group of my friends and I go to the beach for a 4 day weekend over the Oscars weekend. We drink, we eat, we relax, we catch up, we laugh ...oh my do we laugh! We watch the Oscars and the red carpet arrivals and we rejuvenate our minds and souls enough to get thru the rest of the winter with a smile.
It used to be a chinese feast during the show and lots of drinks. Now we pick a signature drink for the day. Last year it was cotton candy martini's
They were awesome by the way. The year before that we made Skittles vodka - Taste the rainbow bitches...
The "rainbow" was not enjoyable...LOL Well Vernie loved it but the rest of us... meh - not so much.

 We also make a feast, we've done dinners and appetizers  and lately , we just stick to the apps. Everyone makes their specialty or favorite - tex mex dip, cheesy hot crab dip, buffalo chicken dip,mozzerella melts.veggies and fruit - you name it we have it. All delicious and decadent and so much fun to make and eat. All of  us cooking in the kitchen, pre-gaming for the show.

I usually drive down Friday morning with my Boo, Bob, With Cher on the cd player as we hit the outskirts of Lewes, DE. 
me and my Boo - (don't be mad I posted your picture bob xoxo)

and sometimes a 3rd person... my cousin Barb sometimes joins us or meets us down there, this year my girl Tami is along for the ride. But Aimee's also been down there too. Both first timers aka Virgins! Vern and Jeff come down late night friday or
early satuday morning. 
Jeff and Aimee - Oscars weekend, 2009 i believe.

We hit the liquor store first. Now if you live in PA you know what it's like to have to go all over for beer and liquor. But in Delaware it's all under one fabulous roof.
I swear the angels sing when we walk in the doors...

Whoever is there heads to Crabby dicks for happy hour friday evening - 3-7. 1/2 price apps and drinks fill the table
Jeff and Vern - Crabby Dicks

 and we finsh the evening in front of the fire then hit up the gift shop.
Bliss at the beach - Crabby Dicks fire

Fun in the gift shop

Then it's back to the house for a night of catching up and drinking. Saturday we all do our own thing. Some shop at the outlets, some head to the beach for boardwalk fries and grotto's pizza. Some sit on thier asses and read books and drink mimosa's (ummm me and bob LOL) This year I am surprising everyone with a pimp cup project. Let's see how many of my Oscar's friends read my blog...(prolly none LOL) If they do they will know that this year I am buying us each a dollar store wine glass and champagne glass, some glass paint and glue on jewels, so that we can each make our own fancy pimp cup drinking glasses to use for the show and then take home as a momento.

Saturday night we take it easy and then Sunday - the big day - we head to the dollar store to buy presents for everyone. We used to play oscar bingo but now just pull winner names from a hat and if your chosen one wins an oscar, then you get a present from everyone.
Barb with some of her prizes - 2010 Oscars weekend

Then we get in our comfiest clothes (aka jammie and sweats) and settle in for the show. Monday we recover and come home. Full of memories and good food and love for each other. 

Then we all detox for a week to get over the food and alcohol we consumed LOL

So that's our Oscar's beach weekend in a nutshell. SO MUCH FUN!!! 

17 days and counting...


  1. wow. sounds like a blast! I never head to the shore when it's cold out...or rarely but I love how isolated and quiet it is. I can't wait to hear all about it! :-)

  2. i love the beach - winter or summer and all the in between times. very very peaceful in the winter. I will take tons of pics and blog all about it LOL