Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 5 of 30 day BC - My favorite memory

Day 5 - Post a picture of your favorite memory.

Again with the favorites... how can you pick just one? So I decided to quickly scan my pictures and see what stuck out. And of course it was my great-nephew Jojo, wrapped in bubble wrap rolling down the hill. LOL! 

Me, Emmy and Jo - bubble wrapped and ready to roll

So I am guessing you might want to read the back story on this one huh? LOL okay here it is... When my niece and nephew - Shannon and Carlos- had Jonathan, aka Jojo, in April of 2005, it was sooner then expected. He was a tiny preemie and along with that came a lot of different preemie birth issues. Tear duct problems, hernias, and many others. But he and they got thru it all and he's grown into a smart, beautiful, precious little boy. A very clumsy, ready to tackle anything little boy! Seriously - he falls all the time and it always cracks us up - typical boy.

 Jojo as a baby!  

Jojo - ready for some Baseball

Then in August of 2009 something happened - and for whatever reason, while he was outside playing he passed out and his heart stopped. They live close to the firehouse and 911 was called and many police, EMT's and fire guys came - they brought him back (Thank you God) and my niece probably aged 10 years that day. I will never forget talking to her about it on the phone while I was at work. I remember hanging up the phone and going into the bathroom and bawling my eyes out at what could have happened. Makes me tear up now just thinking about it.

Not sure from there how it really came to be but i do know my running joke was that i would wrap him in bubble wrap from now on so he wouldn't ever get hurt. It was still fresh in everyones minds by the labor day picnic and tho he was fine - the scariness of what happened ,and the questions as to why, were still hanging in the air around us all. I figured a way to lighten up the mood and make everyone feel like he was okay and still our clumsy little handsome man would be to make good on my constant promise to wrap him in bubble wrap.



So I did and he Loved it and he rolled down the hill more times then I could count. Then we wrapped him and my brothers daughter - my niece Emmy, up together and rolled them down the hill too. OMG!!! We all laughed so hard every time... God it was hysterical.

2 kids and some bubble wrap LOL
So yes, I would have to say as memories go, this one is one of my absolute favorites. And fyi - he is now a healthy , happy little man. Thank you God!!!

"Therapy in expensive, bubble wrap is cheap."

Some  Virtual Bubble Wrap for you to pop on your computer... go on - you know you wanna do it!

PS: I can't do this blog post without at least 1 picture of Jojo's phenomenal little sister, my great-niece Jiselle...
Dress up time with Jiselle
And of course a shot of the whole Rios clan... 
Christmas 2010-Carlos, Jojo, Shannon and Jiselle (and baby Rios 3 in Shannon's belly YAY!)

Aunt Stacey loves you guys so much! xoxoxoxox

PPS: ya'll know  that now, to be fair, I will be doing a blog about my niece Emmy and her sisters Shay and Patty. Just warning ya!


  1. hahahaha. I am going to have to remember this bubble wrap trick for when the kids annoy me...just wrap them up and roll them away. hehehe. Adorable pictures.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories. So awesome.