Thursday, August 5, 2010


“Real beauty doesn't need to starve itself. Real strength doesn't need to be violent. Real intelligence doesn't need to be bragged about. Real women don't need someone to tell them they are wonderful, or beautiful or lovable. Real women already know it! ~Stacey Charter”  

I was forwarded a link today to a website called Operation Beautiful.  The site was started by a woman named Caitlin. She has started a campaign of telling women that they are beautiful no matter what, by posting notes like the one in the picture above. 

What a simple but effective way to promote positive body image. Who hasn't looked in the mirror and listened to the gremlins in their head tell them how they aren't good enough or pretty enough or thin enough! What a joy to look in that mirror and see a note saying "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!"

I plan on supporting this in every way that I can. Facebooking about it, blogging about it and most importantly placing notes all over the place in West Chester and beyond. 

Join me please! And remember, You are beautiful, in every single way!

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