Monday, September 2, 2013

I. HAVE. THE. PLAGUE. and other news

Oh sweet Jeebus I have the friggin *plague! 

I should have known I was going to get it. I went back up to PA for my daughter's best friends wedding and my daughter had just come down with this plague/cold/flu/chest congestion thing. I was staying with her and her husband so BAM I woke up on Saturday with it. And cancelled plans and headed home. I did not want to drive in full blown plague mode and I wanted my own bed. 
funny oprah you get a car, you get a cold everyone gets a cold
So here I am in my beach casa, back early and sick... as a dog. Did I tell you I have the plague?? Ok then...

I got to stay for the wedding on Friday tho. It was so beautiful! It was like having my 2nd kid get married since the bride and my kid have been friends since middle school. 

Very gardeny and earthy. Just perfect. There she is... The beautiful bride walking down the aisle with her dad.

Happy Labor day to those in the USA & Canada. A day we honor labor. We honor the working folks... ironically enough, of which I do not belong. Yep, still looking for a job. but I know it's out there,just waiting for me. I have faith that all will work out.

And now, since I haven't mentioned it in the last 3 minutes, I have the PLAGUE!! And the damn dogs still feel the need to be walked every 2 hours. So I have to drag my poor, old, tired, sore, plague riddled, body outside in the -hot as a steam room- weather and let them do dog things. 

Ugh... whatever.

*  any and all references to the plague are meant to be humorous and not true life. Yes I know I am a big baby and yes I know it's not nice to say i have the PLAGUE when someone else could really have, said plague.That is all.


  1. Hope you feel better soon...bummer being sick.

  2. the image at the very top of this blog is one that i would like to use on my website. In fact it is already there. was wondering if you know its origin? I don't want any copyright issues! should have checked before.