Thursday, February 24, 2011

Playing catch up or how to dream you are writing...

no that's not me...but it's where I do my best writing.

Fear not faithful readers,(all 3 or 4 of you or maybe 17? LOL) I will be posting a crap-ton on Thursday and early Friday. I apologize for the delay but am trying to get a bunch of writing done on the book before I take 4 days off.

It's never good to write with a drink in your hand or a house full of fantabulous people, so I will on a break. Books downloaded on a disc and files are hidden in the computer too in case anyone at the beach decided to try and get a first look at the roughness, Plus internet is spotty at best. I will catch up to day 18 or 19 before I leave. Plus a blog about something... not sure what yet. 
I have so much going on in my head right now that I woke my self up from a dream last night and started writing. I love it but wonder how I am going to do it all when I get a full time job. No matter, the book will be out by October of this year! Come hell or high water... Check back Thursday afternoon for postings.

And now I bring you, a moment of Zen


  1. The sand looks lovely. Is it cool or warm? Thanks for a bit of peace.

  2. i think this was from last march and it was around 55 degrees. So cold for the summer but a lovely March spring day. And i was barefooting it which was even more wonderful!

  3. Barefoot in cool sand. My mind is so there. Thanks.