Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So finally i've joined the literary world of blogging. Something i've been doing for years via e-mail but to only a limited few. I've fallen out of that habit and feel the difference in my psyche. Kind of like the ache i feel in my soul when i stay away from the ocean for too long. The positivity is waning, the attitude is turning sour and the life appreciation is not what it should be. And so i blog.

So many others telling the world of their life and sometimes I think i read them all. But lately i've been leaning towards the positive ones. While we can always use some snarkiness in our lives... the smiles are longer lasting. (but the snarkiness is fun see or crazydaysandnights on blogspot, and you'll get it)

I won't be able to tie down what exactly I will write about. So I will say this blog will be about a little of everything. Maybe when I write enough I will stop procrastinating and start that damn book i've been putting off. In the mean time i welcome your thoughts, your comments, your bitching.

Come along on the adventure... I welcome the company. Just buckle up and keep your hands inside the car please.

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